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French religious leaders come together after yesterday’s terrorist attack

Following the shocking and horrifying events that happened in France yesterday, French religious leaders have called for more security at their churches.

This comes after yesterday when Father Jacques Hamel was murdered as he simply carried out his regular morning service at his catholic church in the suburb of Rouen. He was one of four people held hostage, and he suffered severe knife wounds.

After meeting the President of France, President Hollande, leaders from the religious faiths of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism raised their concerns that this could happen again. They are concerned that churches are not seen as high risk places for terrorist attacks to occur, and yesterday’s tragedy proves that nowhere is safe. It highlights how religious can be harmonious, particularly when they all have the same end goal- to keep the peace.

The event came after just twelve days after what occured in Nice, France. 84 people were killed with many more injured. France is becoming even more torn apart, with fear spreading like wildfire across the nation.

President Hollande has held further security meetings, and has urged the French public to be aware that this war against terroism is going to be long. He told the public that this is the time to stand in unity, as it’s the only way to stay strong as a nation. 

It has come to light that the one of the two terrorists was Adel Kemiche, who at the age of 19 has tried to reach Syria to join ISIS and their movements. He had been arrested by police on previous occasions, and after going to court, was granted permission by the judge to stay at home with an electronic tag. On the day of the attack, it had been temporarily turned off to meet his probation conditions.

Kermiche and his accomplice were shot dead by police as they tried to regain control of the situation.

ISIS have claimed the attack, and it is thought to be their first church attack in the West.