Chockers: The only shoe shopping site you need

The sun seems to making an appearance lately and whether you’re going on holiday, on a summer’s night out or simply for a day out, shoes can make or

The sun seems to making an appearance lately and whether you’re going on holiday, on a summer’s night out or simply for a day out, shoes can make or break an outfit.

I’ve recently come across a new online website which sells shoes, shoes and more shoes. – shoe heaven. They are all on-trend and fashionable and come at an affordable price. Perfect for students. Here is my pick of different shoes for different summer scenarios. 

On the beach

Picking a favourite pair of shoes for the beach was quite tricky so I’ve picked two – a flat scandal and a slightly more wedged one.

My first pick is these White Faux Leather Gold Chain T bar Scandals. They’re a simple yet elegant style and perfect for the beach. The gold chain adding that little bit of detail needed to make them stand out.

The ankle strap means they would look better worn with a dress, shorts or three-quarter lengths. The strap is the part you want to show off. And for £10 you definitely can’t go wrong with price.

If white isn’t your colour, fear not. There is a black.

If you like a little more heel, then these sandals might be the one – The Gold Flat Scandal with Encrusted Diamonds. Again, it’s a simple design but one which will look elegant and stand out. The woven/thatched type material gives the sandal a different look while the diamonds will give your outfit that sparkles.

The website specifies they can be worn during the day or at night which I completely agree with. They could be dressed up for an evening outfit or with a simple skirt and top for the beach. £10 for them is another bargain. They can be bought in black and white if gold isn’t for you.

Casual Summer Day

Here’s my pick if you’re just planning a trip to town or for lunch on a warm summery day.

A simple flat can sometimes be the best thing for a long summer’s day. These Suede slipper style shoes are different to a normal pump and look like quite an elegant shoe. The metal detailing at the front makes them stand out. These slipper/boat shoes are very on-trend at the moment as well.

Another £10 for these. Great. You would probably end up paying more in Primark.

Holiday Night Out

When you’re on holiday, it’s probably likely that’ll you be going out one night, even if it’s just for a couple of drinks. But you always want to get dolled up and the right shoes can make or break that outfit. So here’s my pick.

These ankle strap wedges are perfect for a holiday night out. The simplicity of the shoes makes them perfect so you can accessorize your outfit a bit more. Painted toe-nails are a must with this shoe.

The wedge is also the perfect height, not too high but walkable. And if you’re not going out clubbing they don’t look like you’ve over-tried.

With the price tag of £20, I’d definitely buy these. They’re a great price for what you get.

With so many shoes out there it can be difficult to find the perfect pair but is definitely the place to go for your shoe needs. They sell so many different types you’ll be guaranteed to find the right pair for the beach, or summers day or night out.

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