Change is temporary: coping with hair loss

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

So much time and money we all invest to well maintain the long, lustrous hair that we have. We enjoy experimenting with different styles and colours. Have you ever thought how terrible hair loss can make one feel? 

Well, hair has such a crucial role to play when it comes to enhancing our looks. Some people experience a wide range of emotions during hair loss. When you are going through hair loss and chemotherapy treatments, it is very important to share your feelings. It is important to have a strong support system made up of close family and friends.

Emotional Coping

It is very distressing if your hair falls off. This might make you feel more and more helpless and depressed. Most people find it easy to cope up with this trauma when they talk it out with their family and friends about the hair loss. Whereas, other people find it easier to talk to strangers about the same. You can look for a cancer support specialist or a counsellor to help you better. Joining an online support group can boost you up.

There are wigs and headwear for everyone victimized by cancer. There are lots of natural-looking wigs, chemo hats, cancer head scarves and cancer turbans that you could give a try. There are many organisations who offer young patients a free wig. 

You can Always Choose to ‘NOT’ Tell

Today cancer is a much talked about topic than a few years ago. People are more aware of the effects of chemotherapy on hair. It is discussed and accepted worldwide. But some people may be upset with their hair loss and may find it difficult to show. This can be difficult to deal with. Try to remember they may not know how to react.

Only you can decide whether you want the people to know what happened with you. But you shouldn’t feel under pressure if you don’t want to share your story.

To cope with such a situation you can always opt for wigs, cancer head scarves and re-define your look.

Deal with the Heartache of Hair Loss Step by Step

  1. Once you know about your chemotherapy sessions, gather in all the confidence and promise yourself to stay positive, no matter what.
  2. Proactively shop for wigs or cancer headscarves, whichever suits your needs and style.
  3. Be thorough with the methods to take care of the scalp and regrown hair.
  4. Read articles and watch videos of cancer survivors and feel confident.
  5. Keep reminding yourself that it is just a temporary change and the hair will regrow.
  6. Motivate others fighting the same battle.