Book Review: Green’s The Fault in Our Stars is unputdownable

Leah Benthin, KettleMag, The Fault in Our Stars, book
Written by Leah Benthin

I read this book because the film adaptation was recently released and I really want to see it, but it’s a crime to watch the film version before reading the novel (and I’d wanted to read it for some time anyway due to its popularity).

Both relatable and mature

Having  heard a lot about the book before I read it, I had come across mixed reviews (but mainly positive). However, the main criticism people offer up is that they didn’t like the way John Green writes. Personally, I really liked the way he writes, I found it really easy to read because he effectively gets inside the head of a teenager, meaning I could relate to the style of language.

I think the book was written well; sensitively and maturely. It wasn’t a soppy teenage love story like I half expected it to be. Green writes in a way where all taboos went out the window and it was really comfortable to read, despite the sensitive topic. For example, characters in the book go to ‘cancer kid support group’ and joke about their illness, despite its seriousness, which creates the feeling that they look on the ‘bright side of life’ from the everyday language Green uses.

I fell in love…

Where characters are concerned, I (like everyone else who’s read the book) instantly fell in love with Augustus Waters and was heartbroken when (spoiler alert!) he died. Though,  I wasn’t shocked because I had been told the ending, so already knew what was to come.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book and all reviews I’d heard before were confirmed. I read it in 3 days and simply couldn’t put it down! I’ve now asked for the DVD for Christmas and my plan is to curl up in my duvet and onesie on the evening of Christmas Day, ready to fall in love and cry my heart out.