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Adnan Januzaj and the tale of the Nandos date

Written by Elias McGill

The big news story of the day is one that in theory shouldn’t even be a news story at all.

The big news story of the day is one that in theory shouldn’t even be a news story at all. It may be a slow day for news but the Adnan Januzaj ‘Nandos date’ story is all over social media. It has even spawned the Twitter trend of #JanuzajIsTheTypeOfGuy

It involved Adnan Januzaj taking a woman out on a date to Nandos and buying an £18 meal for the both of them.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Adnan Januzaj, he is an 18 year old Belgian footballer who plays for Manchester United. He is hotly tipped to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo.

The story is a classic example of the gold digging WAG culture that exists in society today. Melissa McKenzie, a 25 year old student was the female who went on the date last year with Januzaj. 

She was quoted as saying: I expected him to come to me in a flashy car, but I ended up driving him about in my old blue Fiesta and I was left to pay and display. Then he said he was taking me to Nando’s – my face fell. I usually go there for a quick bite to eat with my mates. I didn’t expect to be going there on a date with a Man United footballer, especially in my dress and heels.”

Is there anything wrong with going to Nandos on a date?

Adnan Januzaj earns about £30,000 a week so could afford to wine and dine her at any restaurant she wanted to. But he’s 18. How many 18 year olds choose to eat in fancy restaurants?

Nandos is synonymous with the under 25 demographic that enjoy a chicken based meal. It is also one of the most common places to go for a first date. If she had gone on a date with an 18 year old that didn’t play football, would she be as outraged that she got taken to Nandos? It’s clear to anyone she only wanted to go on this date to take advantage of his wealth, and had no real interest in him as a person. 

It’s a welcome change to see a famous teenager not throwing his money around or wearing flashy clothes but instead being a down to earth lad like everyone else his age. Makes you wish Justin Bieber was a bit more like him!

But the main thing to take away from this story is how certain females are conjuring up a bad reputation for every female in society. There are thousands of women up and down the country that would have loved and appreciated being taken to Nandos for a date, even if their date was a professional footballer. 

But I think the best part about this whole story is that McKenzie has sold this story to The Sun in order to gain fame and to try and get sympathy from the public, but it has gone the complete other way, with nearly everyone supporting Januzaj and her gaining a reputation as a want to be WAG/golddigger. 

What do you think about this story? Would you be angered if you got taken on a date to Nandos? Have your say in the comments section below.