A note from the editor on Kettle Academy

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Written by Alex Veeneman

Journalism is changing right before our eyes, and as it does so is the strategy to have a successful career in the industry. There is much to consider, from the route you go in or if you should build a specialism, to the role LinkedIn and the web should have in bolstering your career. Indeed, the future of journalism – how we approach it and how we consume it, is also something that should be considered.

As we look at all of this, it is to the benefit of students everywhere that they enter this industry informed and engaged, ready for what’s next. A marketplace of ideas is being curated as the debate on journalism plays out on social media and the web, and this is where Kettle’s new section comes into play.

Welcome to Kettle Academy. What you will find here is our contribution to this marketplace of ideas and then some. In this section, you will find essays from various media professionals with tips, advice and insight on how you can have a successful career.

As we continue to develop this section, there will be more than just essays here, but pieces that look at the future and what you can do to ensure an exciting career in this vibrant industry. We hope that through these articles we can help you better understand the media industry, and to help you be successful as you embark on your career.

The role of education

I believe in the role that education can have in helping one understand things better. We enter this profession not to seek fame or fortune, but to enhance public life and the civil discourse. Therefore I am passionate about the role Kettle Academy can have, and believe that this will allow us to give back to the profession we vigorously support, whether focusing on new ideas in the industry or helping it build its future.

As we launch, we are delighted to have prominent journalists and media professionals from all walks of life share their expertise with us. These contributors who have written forthcoming essays include the radio producer and coach Kate Cocker, the former Press Association journalist Ellen Manning, and Andrew Seaman of Reuters and the US Society of Professional Journalists.

What I hope this will become is a resource for you to help make you a better journalist. Therefore, as we go along, feedback from you is crucial. What are we doing right? What aren’t we doing right? What should we focus on?

You are quintessential in helping us make Kettle Academy the best it can be. 

We want to know how we can best help you achieve your goals in this ever changing media landscape. Please tell us what you think – you can leave a comment below, contact us through Facebook or Twitter, or email me directly with your thoughts.

Kettle is a unique publication to curate this initiative, and I am excited to see where this goes from here. Most of all, I hope that the work we do can help you be a better journalist and media professional, ready for the next stage of your career, no matter what advances the industry brings.