8 Ways to bring more personality into your home

Written by Nigel Simpkins

In life, it’s easy to tone your personality down to make room for others, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not. However, there are certain times when we don’t have to do this, and one of these rare occasions is when we’re in our home environment. It’s crucial to you design your home around your preferences and interests as being in this environment is something you should look forward to at the end of each day, and more importantly, it should help to empower yourself and build self-confidence. 

Bringing your personality into your home should be fun and achievable in many different ways; for example, you might experiment with colours, patterns, and scents or you might add personalisation to your space yourself through media. If you’re struggling with this, this article outlines eight ways to help your personality shine throughout your living space and how you can apply them to your home. 

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Visualise Yourself Living 

Start adding personality to your home by visualising yourself living there, if you don’t already. Go to the furniture store, stand in the aisles, and close your eyes. Now picture the item in front of you in your apartment or house. Is this sofa going to be suitable for snuggling with your partner, seating your family, sharing with your dogs, or watching a movie? Would you benefit from other features such as a pull-out bed because you’re a social butterfly, and it would be perfect for friends and family when they come to stay? Or would that feature be redundant because you have a small apartment and don’t have many guests around? By picturing yourself doing specific actions within your home, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not particular furnishings fit your personality and basic needs.

Liven Up Your Hallway/Foyer

Often the entrance to a home can be dull, and after a long, hard day at work, there’s nothing better than coming back to a warm, inviting environment. Personalising and livening up your entrance is fun, regardless of whether your home is cramped or spacious, rented or purchased, and helps turn the space into your own. You could have a photo gallery displaying all your friends and family and happy memories, framed pieces of artwork, or a display table with a vase full of your favourite flowers. Adding these little details, colours, and accessories helps make your space cosier and enables your personality to shine through. Depending on your long-term goals, you’re looking to turn the area into somewhere you can call home and put your feet up at the end of the day. Or a place where you can invite friends and throw parties, and if you have a partner, it may even become the place you raise a family one day.

Add Artwork, Picture Frames and Canvas Prints to the Walls 

Adding picture frames, canvas prints, and other artistic features to your space is a simple way of personalising your home, as they can conjure up happy memories and thoughts, and feelings. Personal photography is hugely exclusive to an individual. You can tell a lot about a person and their personality from the photos/artwork they display in their home. For instance, you may be a huge classic rock fan and show this interest by framing vintage vinyl records and displaying them, or you might have some images blown up as canvas prints from when you saw your favourite band live.

Utilise Your Outdoor Space

If you have the luxury of a lot of outdoor space, utilise it! Gardens are perfect for expressing your personality, plus the activity of gardening itself has therapeutic elements like lowering stress and depression levels. If you enjoy being outdoors, you could try growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, and planting beautiful flowers. Or, if you enjoy socialising and having friends and family around, set up an area with lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a barbeque for when warmer weather hits. Creating a relaxation area can make for fun social gatherings and help you de-stress, soak up serotonin and get ready for the day ahead.

Showcase Your Talents 

Pride should come into play frequently when personalising your home, as showcasing you or your family’s accomplishments can tell visitors a lot about you and speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Ultimately your home should represent you: so make sure to showcase artwork, medals, degrees, and anything else that makes you smile and feel proud of yourself or another member of your family. Don’t just focus on showcasing the pride of accomplishing life goals etc., but also the satisfaction you’ve put into decorating your home and creating a loving environment for you, friends, and family to enjoy.

Don’t Forget the Little Things 

The little things in life count and that phrase also stands for the little things in your home that help showcase your personality. The smaller, silly, and characteristic pieces of your home are the ones that guests are more likely to remember and associate with you. Perhaps you collect silly animal-shaped coffee mugs or ones with your favourite movie quote printed on the front because you’re a caffeine addict. Or maybe, you have a personalised calendar filled with photos from your latest trip to Italy because you love travelling.

Are you searching for the perfect, personalised gift for your friends or family members? Use the previously mentioned link to browse a range of personalisable products such as canvas prints, photo books, and calendars, perfect for adding a splash of personality into any gift. For example, personalised calendars from Photobox can allow you to share unique memories with your loved ones. Beyond mugs and personalised calendars, there are many ways to personalise your home and add those finishing touches. Such as decorating tables with centrepieces, adding scented candles to the bathrooms, and arranging throw cushions and blankets on your bed or sofa, all of which are perfect ways to add those finishing touches.

Re-Organise Rooms to Make Them Work for You

Another way to personalise your home is to re-organise rooms to make them work for you. Suppose that you live in rented accommodation and have a spare bedroom, just because the last tenants used the second bedroom as is, doesn’t mean you have to. Especially if you don’t have children, you could use the space creatively and turn it into a room that benefits your interests. For instance, if you and your partner are fitness buffs, turn the second bedroom into an indoor gym, and buy some equipment for convenience. Fitness, not your thing? Turn the double bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe, a gaming room, or a library; the possibilities are endless!

Add a Pop of Colour 

One of the most effective and affordable ways to add character to your home is by adding a coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint helps transform your space, and much like the items in your home can represent your personality. Plus, paint is affordable, and your colour options are endless! If you’re partial to a more moody, gothic aesthetic, why not add an accent wall in red, purple, or green hues. Suppose you prefer lighter colours, you could consider cream, white or you might be bold and choose yellow or orange, either way, we recommend picking a few colours that are your favourites and playing with furniture to see which works best.