5 reasons you should be following Alexa Chung on Instagram already

Alexa Chung
Written by milfinn

When you hear Alexa Chung’s name you think collar dresses, a brunette bob, her book that became your bible and maybe now her M&S fashion range that confirms you should have been copying your Nan’s wardrobe all along.

But, when you see Alexa Chung’s name it should mean you’re one of her many followers on Instagram and you’ll be frequently hit with quirky captions, mod-style outfits (masculine shirts have never looked better), and the reason why she was worth having a Mulberry bag named after her.

So without further ado, these are the 5 ultimate reasons why you should be following Alexa Chung on Instagram:

1- Out With The Old, IN With The New

She stands there outside 10 Downing Street, proud and topical all at the same time (a balance we could all aspire to achieve), in her frilled layered dress encouraging everyone to vote despite her own opinion on the matter *depop searches frilled layered dress*. June of this year was a time when our future was ultimately in our hands and the idea of too many people not bothering to pop to their nearest poll station to make their vote was an annoyance to say the least: a travesty, to be a tad more accurate.

And although we do not need a celebrity fashion icon to convince us to take our own stand, it doesn't hurt to see a picture on our instagram timelines of Alexa fashioning her vote openly on her palm at the very scene of the crime. Plus, there's something about the black and white filter that gives you that 'classic' feel, the one which reminds you it's a time that'll go down in history, whether we feel a win or not.


Hi, I'm IN. Either way PLEASE remember to vote. #INcrowd  @villoid

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2- Making Multi-Generation Cardigans A Thing

At the risk of sounding like a pensioner in her 20s, you never know when you're going to need that heavy knitted, pastel-coloured cardigan, right? Am I right? Whether someone in the office insists on having the air con blasting when the weather is anything above 15 degrees or whether you're watching netflix in bed and your nearest pyjamas are your summery short ones, the granny cardigan is there for you.

Miss Chung makes it okay to wear a baby pink chunky knit as your jacket replacement, because who doesn't love a chance to combine a colour you haven't thought of wearing since you were six years old with something that'll go hand in hand with your silvery locks in 60 odd years. Bringing the knit back.


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3- Never Too Old To Feel Like A Groupie

To know that even your favourite style icon is obsessed with Kate Moss, too, is something of a reassurance in life. To what? I have no idea. But what I do know is that Miss Chung's instagram has flavours of empowerment and there's no pitting herself against other girls in the public eye (hint hint twitter feuds, you celebs know who you are). She oozes the empowerment of her competition, and that's the first rule of girl power, right?

If you google search their names together you'll see them sitting side by side on the front row of a fashion show (where else would they be) with Kate's blonde, layered locks contrasting Alexa's brunette statement fringe. They couldn't be more different, bar fitting the Vogue specifications that mean they've dominated the cover of several editions (Moss being the one model to have been on more covers than anyone else). Now there's the reassurance you want: that you also share the same obsession as Vogue.


#vogue100 @prada

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4- Don’t Wear The Pattern, Let The Pattern Wear You

Ever looked around you and realised the city you live in is mostly just an array of concrete grey with it reflected in the safe outfits the passers-by wear: the outfits you can know that some people pick so there’s no room for them to be judged on it by a stranger, the outfits they want to hide behind, the outfits that have no potential to ever show an inkling of their personality. That is the sadness that sometimes lies behind fashion so Alexa brings out the full-patterned suit: the type you’d wear to purposefully spark controversy, the type you’d wear to avoid looking like the rest, the type you’d wear to channel your inner tomboy, and maybe even the type you’d wear to become a contender for the worst dressed feature of the world’s most judgmental magazine.

She champions this role at the same time as solving the girl-gets-out-of-taxi-to-paparazzi-in-short-skirt situation (the real reason we all tell ourselves we couldn’t be a celeb…) With this suit and that solution, she brings multi-purpose outfits to the forefront of style and matching floral suits to the top of my must-need-for-autumn-events list.


RG @britishvogue @gucci

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5- Beauty Tip: Be Funny

Need I even begin to expand on why this makes Chung icon-material? Forever am I coming across the beauty page of my favourite magazines to read the latest on how to do a French plait without the arm ache, or the contour look without looking bruised, and realising I do not have the time, patience or funds for these new, must-have beauty products and matching routines. But Alexa re-writes your regime by bringing simplicity to beauty. From her statement cropped cut to the fresh face mostly free of makeup, to her beauty tip: be funny.

Despite it being the 21st century and all, in this day and age us girls seem to constantly be stuck with a reputation for strictly caring about looks and appearance (google search Cosmopolitan female car if you don’t know what I’m talking about). So, who’s in favour of more beauty tips like Alexa’s, along the lines of things like ‘Be supportive to other women’, ‘Stay unique’, ‘Be fearless’, ‘Shine like you want others to shine’. Alexa for prime minister, am I right?


Thanks @byrdiebeauty for coming to our @villoid event a couple of weeks ago! Xx

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She’s the girl named ‘the modern day Kate Moss’ and the girl who said ‘Every time you post a picture of yourself to Instagram looking fake happy, a fairy dies’. And on that note, we should all take a leaf out of Alexa’s book (seriously go read it, it’s called It and has doodles, polaroid pictures, shameless life confessions and real beauty tips in it- the type like keeping your nail varnish in the fridge instead of how to successfully contour your neck).