Winter fitness: Indoor workout options

You could go to the gym and do different exercise classes, but the thought of paying £30 pounds may not appeal. Why not try the internet? It is in fact a good way to do a workout if you do not want to spend money or go out in the cold, although, you’ll want to go outside after what I have done (because you will need to cool down, if you didn’t get the joke) Long workouts can take up a lot of time so 10-20 minutes was sufficient for me.

On the first day, I tried Cardio Combat 

6/10 on a scale of becoming worn out, although I did not do it for long. It did make me out of breath so my recommendation is ten minutes, then break and repeat once or twice more. It is a lot of fun in my opinion, the music is fast paced and encouraging, and jumping about is good for stamina and cardiovascular fitness. Definitely a recommendation from me. It generally involves sharp repetitive movements based on martial arts or “combat” like movements. Excellent for de-stressing.

On the second day, I attempted Yoga Fusion

8/10 I would say. It works all muscles whilst improving flexibility. As yoga stereotypes go this was neither calm nor boring, I was genuinely focused and worked hard. It was the complete opposite to cardio combat due to its slow pace and focus on core strength. I felt content with the work out because I felt like I had been pushed. If you do not put your full commitment into the exercise you will not reap the benefits. It included typical poses (tree pose, warrior) whilst gradually deepening them between the transitions. Muscles will be utilised and stretched at all times and it good for those inexperienced in sport. If you are determined, this exercise is worth a go and it only lasts 20 minutes.

Day three was Power Pilates

7/10 is my given rating. It was definitely the plank like positions which built up a sweat, the other exercises were less so but still worked me hard. It involved ab work, but the instructor continued to emphasise how you should do it as slow as you possibly can. This slow pace will truly make you feel the burn. Power Pilates is about control which then strengthens your muscles. With leg lifts and planks whilst raising your legs you needed a lot of determination not to give up holding the position, although, I persevered to gain the full experience. Overall a good workout to do for harnessing your control.

Image: Rance Costa – Global Fitness Media Shoot 12182009 009 – flickr

In conclusion, participating in these forms of exercise was actually fun. It is a great alternative to a gym or a jog outside. It does not consume your time and so is ideal for everyone. The music and cheesy motivational spurs of encouragement really would help anyone to feel fitter if repeated often over a longer period of time. Although, do not forget rest days, plenty of water and a healthy diet, as boring as it sounds it is a necessity in which everyone needs to feel fit and healthy.