Top 5 accessories men can wear

Men's fashion
Written by cristianafrunza

We’ve already decided that it’s a man’s world and that it would be nothing without a woman, but we still see more fashion built around females, leaving men with little options. Sure, casual is the most preferred approach, but here are a few accessories that you can pull off if you add that extra touch to your outfit.

The hat

As sassy as it may seem, the hat is actually a very special accessory that can easily be unisex. We’re used to seeing women in big, Mary Poppins-like hats, but let’s rewind back to the 1920s when the coal black, stiff hat made a man’s outfit look whole. If you’re the casual type go with a neutral colour, or if you want to go all out then choose a bold royal blue to stand out.

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The bag

If you’ve watched Friends you remember when Joey carried around a bag and everyone laughed at him. Well.. it was in style back then and it still is. With a massive comeback from the runways, the briefcase styled bag in shades of cognac is a must. And very practical too!

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The jewelry

In all honesty this may not be for everyone. Some men are not big fans of rings or bracelets, although the options are really unlimited. For those who prefer jewelry as accessory the silver ring and the leather bracelet are easy options, while piercings and necklaces are for those comfortable enough to wear them. Even so, fashion encourages us to step out of our comfort zone, so what are you waiting for?

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The sunglasses

Sometimes sunglasses can be the focus of a look, but what’s the best way to go about it? Sure you want to wear something that suits your face shape, but maybe next time instead of getting a pair of sunglasses in black (just like the last three pairs) go for a crazy colour to make you stand out. Also, clear glasses are always chic and easy to match!

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The socks

Possibly one of my favourite accessories for men, socks are such cool items to play with! Take a pair of jeans and some pantone green socks or mix a tailored trousers with a pattern like dots or checks. While it may seem that socks are just.. socks, be creative and feel free to play around with colours, patterns, shapes and styles!

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