The Collection: A-list style with A-list price

The Collection Starring Kate Bosworth is finally released in a store near you and I must say the styling is well worthy of an award.

The Collection Starring Kate Bosworth is finally released in a store near you and I must say the styling is well worthy of an award. The beautiful clean cut designs are true to Bosworth’s own style and the mainly muted colours make the pieces a sure classic for a wardrobe staple.

The capsule collection has been built round a few key pieces and the luxury fabrics used are straight from the seasonal trend books—an odd splash of colour in some red leather trousers make a sensational statement but at £295 the price also has a great deal to say too.

The collection – out of reach?

It is unfortunate to say, especially as Topshop has long been the designer fashion at high street prices and therefore placed itself firmly in the hearts of students everywhere but not many students could afford the sky high prices of this collection. There are the odd pieces such as a patent red belt at £18 and a lovely grey T-shirt also at £18 pounds but compared to the rest of the lines these seem rather dull. Thinking back to the Kate Moss collection it seems to me that Kate Bosworth’s’ is missing the mark by quite a few stretchy leather trousers.

A handful of high priced items mixed with a majority of mid to low would have made the collection more accessible but it seems the majority of these are out of reach. The most expensive item I could find was a beautiful sheepskin coat at £595, needless to say that would wipe a fair chunk from anyone’s account never mind a student loan.

Pros and cons despite cost

The main problem it that though all the pieces are beautifully designed, they are quite plain and for most consumers they will not see their ‘bang for their buck’ as it were. Fashion connoisseurs will appreciate the rich fabrics and understated execution but I doubt if even they will agree that the price tag of them is worth the pay-out. The fit is also not ideal for the curvier figure and would suit someone with a figure closer to the svelte Kate Bosworth herself, this is something that will alienate a large portion of the population before you even pick up the tag.

I love the balance of colour with the collection as a whole. The whites, greys and blacks along with some metallic injections are easy to match to and build an outfit round if you decide to invest in a statement piece. However, it is the strong splash of red that really ties this story together and makes it worthy of a designer range. I definitely feel that this is a collection able to stand up on its own with impeccable finishing, it is just those pesky prices that I cannot get past.

That’s not to say I haven’t already picked out the items I would go for should I manage to scrape together the funds (donations welcome!), an exquisite pair of snake skin court shoes at £90 and lovely oversized sheepskin bag at £280 would go very nice with my collection.

Overall, I think the collection is beautiful and very well executed but if you are going to invest, and I mean invest, be very careful what you choose because you could be overspending on something you may not get your wear out of.

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