Stylish Beach Day Out: Men’s Swimwear Fashion for a Memorable UK Seaside Adventure

beach wear
Written by Nigel Simpkins

There’s no better way to enjoy what summer has to offer in the UK than by heading to the seaside to soak up the sun and surf. You’ll be surrounded by natural beauty with opportunities to enjoy adventures in the water or on land – whatever suits you. But before you head out to the beach, you may want to stop and think about your wardrobe for the outing. Here are some tips on how you can have a stylish beach day out while enjoying all the adventures the UK seaside has to offer.

Skip the Boring Basics and Opt for Bold Swim Trunks

Here’s a simple way to look trendy and that’s to skip the urge to wear a basic pair of swim trunks and choose a bold colour, print or texture instead. Making a fashion statement on the beach is simple thanks to the mens designer swim shorts. Some designers even feature matching shirts which take all the questions out of putting together the perfect outfit. Wearing a matching print in a shirt and shorts is certain to turn heads.

Picking the Right Length of Swim Shorts Can Be Tricky

While you may have no problem skipping the basic colours and embracing bold prints for your swim shorts, choosing the right length can be an entirely different issue. Length needs to accomplish two things – it needs to work with your body shape and height and look stylish. For men, GQ described it well in stating that men need to hunt for the “do-it-all” style of swim trunks. This means they can double as swimwear and beach/resort loungewear. 

A mid-length, slightly tailored swim trunk is what’s trending for 2023. Be sure that the waist is snug to complete the tailored look. Side fasteners can help in this regard.

Accessories Finish the Look

Finally, no outfit is complete without accessories. For a beach day, there are some very specific items you’ll want to bring with you which are sunglasses, a hat, and sandals. Each of these is a functional piece but try to focus on the style aspect of them instead.

Trending in men’s designer sunglasses right now are the aviator frames, frameless style, heavily tinted lenses, and geometric frames. When picking the best pair, consider your face shape and your style. The sunglasses need to complement both.

In terms of hats, a wide-brimmed hat with an adjustable chin strap is always popular for a beach day, but if you want to look a bit more fashionable, opt for a straw hat instead. Straw hats can be sleek and streamlined or feature a wider brim, it comes down to your preference in style and how much protection from the sun you want and need.

As for sandals, they need to be water and sand-friendly which means they are lightweight, quick-drying and easy to wipe clean while being stylish. Slides are incredibly hot right now, and designer versions tend to have standout features such as an oversized logo, interesting textures, exaggerated straps, etc.

Using these style tips for men will ensure you’re ready for your UK seaside adventure to begin.