Six things you should know before converting to contacts

Written by Lauren Maskrey

Making that step to get contact lenses can be exciting but equally as daunting. It is completely normal to feel this way because if you’re anything like I was, then you will be unsure of what is to come. As someone who has worn lenses for around seven years, there are so many things that I would have loved to have known before I made my decision.

Be committed:

Your life will change when adapting contact lenses into your daily routine. It took me a couple of months to realise that I needed to give myself an extra five minutes in the morning to put them in, especially when I was still learning how to. Nowadays I need no longer than thirty seconds, but you still have to remember to take them out when coming into contact with water or sleeping.  


I was unaware of this until I had to tackle it head on and boy did I have to persevere! For the first week, I spent literally hours learning how to clean them, how to store them properly and most importantly how to get them in and out of my eyes. The pain I went through to do this was something I had to get used to quickly, because it was the only way it was going to work. Eventually this subsides, but just be prepared to have some very suspicious looking red eyes for a couple of days.


I can’t stress how important it is to keep your surroundings clean when handling contact lenses. Make sure that the surface you are putting them on is clean and spacious. When messing with your contact lenses, make sure that your hands have been washed and that your eyes are clean too. Cleaning your contact lenses with solution is the best way to keep them spotless and make them more comfortable to wear. Lastly, the case they are stored in should be cleaned with hot water every day and it should be changed out every three months.

Re-think your make-up:

If you’re someone who loves to pack on the eyeshadow or mascara then I would reconsider this before switching to contact lenses. Fall out from eyeshadow can not only make wearing lenses uncomfortable, but can also make them blurry and difficult to wear. When applying make-up be careful that you are not touching the lenses, as this can cause infections. My advice would be to either apply make-up before inserting your lenses, or just be super careful with what you are putting near your eyes once the contacts are in.

No pain no gain:

All contact lense wearers will sympathise with me when I say that getting something in your eye whilst out in public can be annoying and also a little embarrassing. I have been the victim of this a number of times, when I have been out and dust has got into my eye. To make sure that it doesn't look like you've been crying for an hour, carry some tissues, the lense case and some spare solution. When you find somewhere safe and clean to take out your contact, simply remove it, make sure your eye is free of the dust, clean the lense and pop it back in.

Take time out:

My last bit of advice is to make sure that you give your eyes time to breathe. You should not have your contacts in for any longer than 10-12 hours a day. Make sure that you remove them before you go swimming, shower and especially when you go to sleep. If you don’t do this, then your eyes are more susceptible to dryness and infections. If you have a day when your eyes are particularly sore or dry, then I would advise leaving them out and rocking your glasses. Just make sure that you store them correctly and hygienically, so that they are easier to manage the next day.

So that's my six top tips on everything you need to know before converting to contacts. Once you have mastered all of this and have got used to it, then wearing lenses become a doddle. I hope that my advice will help you to come to a decision on whether you want to step into the world of contact lenses, and if it has then good luck!

Just remember that it may not be a completely smooth transition but it will be one of the best things you ever do.