Riots of love

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Written by Shamim Zakaria

Avi Dandiya – a few weeks ago this was just another name on social media. However, today this name is thronging the social sphere in India and now the international stage as well, carrying the message of peace and brotherhood. 

The story began with a simple video. While there was a rise in religious friction in India, with Indian politicians from ruling parties giving volatile statements, Avi Dandiya posted a video message to his Facebook wall pouring his heart out and sending the message of ‘unity amidst diversity’. Then one share, two shares… within hours it went viral. 

Riots of love

Avi Dandiya calls this riots of love.

“Riots of love are what the world needs today to beat the greed of power. See what’s going in Palestine, if this does not become a success I bet India will turn into something similar by 2025.”

In just a few hours his Facebook account saw a bombardment of friend requests. From a few hundred, soon he reached the 5000 friends limit. Currently, his followers have crossed the 28K mark and are still growing. Despite the escalating popularity, Dandiya maintains his humility and compassion. “I am just giving my honest opinion, lets see how things pan out,” says Mr. Dandiya.

Avi Dandiya, who is presently based in Texas, hails from India and is a Non Resident Indian (NRI). In the past he has been very active with humanitarian efforts in India. Be it during the 2013 Uttarakhand catastrophe that left around 5,700 people ‘presumed dead’, or be it leading a helping hand to the rape victims in India fighting their legal battle, Dandiya has been known for his relentless philanthropic activities.

Social media campaign

Unlike many other movements actioned through social media that often end up disappearing completely, Dandiya is leaving no stone unturned with his campaign. On December 25th 2015, the ‘riots of love’ campaign has organised a procession starting at India Gate in New Delhi. During this procession, people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or gender will come together to celebrate the message of peace, unity and love in the diverse atmosphere of India.

Dandiya has been spearheading the campaign for this on his own as he has no faith in the Indian media. He says, “Indian media and Indian politicians are hand in glove. I had said that a long, long time ago, and that’s one reason why no social problem has been solved yet.”

He believes that the politicians and the bureaucratic regime are taking India nowhere, so it’s the common people who need to change things. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” Dandiya says,  quoting the famous lines of Margaret Mead.

He also says that every social platform is being extensively used to spread the word and hopes ‘riots of love’ will become a landmark event in Indian history.

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