Rihanna conquers the fashion world with new collection

Written by victoriawilliams

Singing, dancing, acting, producing and now fashion designing, is there anything self-proclaimed ‘bad gal’ RiRi won’t try her hand at?

Singing, dancing, acting, producing and now fashion designing, is there anything self-proclaimed ‘bad gal’ RiRi won’t try her hand at? Rihanna’s latest creative venture comes in the form of designing a new exclusive fashion collection in collaboration with high street giant River Island. 

Rihanna’s style, like the star herself, is never far away from the spotlight and with some of the more raunchy and outrageous outfits it is hard not to notice. The stars image and unique sense of style is just as distinctive and influential as the music she is known for.  How this evocative attention-grabbing style will transfer from the stage to the high street is what concerns me most. Call me a prude but I just hope it is a little bit more toned down. I may just be getting old but the short hemlines, bras claiming to be tops and inappropriately placed cut-outs I’m imagining can’t be appropriate for Rihanna’s underage fan base – but then again neither are a lot of her lyrics so I doubt she is going to be stressing too much about that. 

I’m sure there will be plenty of Rihanna and fashion fans alike eager to get their hands on one of the pieces and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what the superstar has got in store, but I have no doubt that many will be more interested in the ‘by Rihanna’ label than the actual quality and design of the clothing. Knowing my luck the pieces that I would actually want to buy will be sold out within hours of them hitting the shops, or be completely unavailable in my size – story of my life!

The excitement surrounding the new collection is lessened by the fact that we’ll have to wait until Spring 2013 to get a sneak-peak at what will be hitting the high street, and with Rihanna being the style chameleon she is, it’s hard to guess exactly what the line will entail.  

News of the forthcoming fashion collaboration comes just as the promo for Rihanna’s new television venture ‘Styled to Rock’ has been released for Sky Living. Rihanna will take on the role of executive producer for the show that searches for Britain’s new superstar fashion designer – a task that RiRi has clearly decided she is now capable of herself – though I assume she will get a lot of help with the designing process. I’ll cut her some slack there, I imagine she’s a very busy girl.

Not satisfied with dominating the music industry Rihanna seems to be taking the fashion business seriously and there is no end in sight to her ever growing empire. Though it’s exciting when a celebrity puts their name on a fashion collection, with her influence increasing in every sector, we face a danger of walking down the high street through crowds of Rihanna clones, and that is probably just what she’s after.  Who knows, depending on what direction the star goes in next, I may just surrender and find myself as one of them.