Review: BAOMOSI racerback sports bra

Written by Chloe Smith

One bra that most should own is a simple sports bra. I don’t know why but that has also been the bra that I’ve struggled to find – they were always too tight, not comfortable, not giving enough support, or just awkward and ugly, showing through every shirt I wore.

Then I discovered the BAOMOSI racerback sports bra, and it seems to tick every box that every other past sports bra had failed to fulfill – it supports really, really well, it’s not one that obvious under a shirt or anything like that, and it is also incredibly comfortable. Seriously, it’s almost a joy to wear – I’ve yet to find a more comfortable bra in general, let alone a sports bra. It doesn’t push down or restrict your chest at all, like I’ve found with a few other brands. As a disabled person who struggles with things like clasps this is also amazingly easy to take on and off, and fits really well as well, without being too tight or too big.


I haven’t done any high-impact sports in it as of yet, but can imagine that it would support then really well too, given the great amount of support it already gives when walking or sitting, while being so comfy, so breathable – that you hardly even realise you’re wearing it, as the straps and every other part of the bra don’t mark you at all, particularly as it’s seamless.

While I opted for the black version of the bra, the BAOMOSI comes in a variety of colours to suit everyone. For example, you could opt for a simple statement black, a gorgeous light blue, a dark pink and purple, or even a soft grey – so you have so much choice, something – especially considering the variety of colours – that you never really see in terms of sports bras. It’s great!

The fit

In terms of sizings, BAOMOSI also offers a really handy size guide alongside their sizes of Small, Medium and Large and XL, so that you’ll be able to tell which size is supposed to fit your bra size before buying. One thing I would say is that you should order a size up as they do run a little small. I did order a one size bigger than the one on the size chart and it fits really, really well. On top of everything else, delivery was also very quick, and the packaging was great. The bra arrived in a sealed bag so that it was well-protected, which I really appreciated

The BAOMOSI sports bra is also incredibly affordable given its incredible quality. Having worn it a few weeks you would expect maybe some kind of wear or bobble effect to appear on the fabric – but not with my BAOMOSI sports bra. Even after such fairly constant wear, it still looks and feels brand new, which I find really impressive given the standard of much more expensive bras that I’ve tried wearing. The standard that you get with the BAOMOSI racerback sports bra is excellent considering the price you pay for it, and I’m seriously considering getting a few more because I feel that it’s so worth having more than one in one single colour. It’s certainly a sports bra that’ll become a fast favourite, so I’d recommend having more than one!

So if you’re looking for a sports bra that will last, that is 100% worth your money,  and in my mind, is the best sports bra that I’ve ever worn, then I definitely recommend the BAOMOSI racerback sports bra! It seriously is that good.

You can buy the BAOMOSI racerback sports bra on Amazon.


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