Primark: more than just a cheap, noisey jumble-sale

Dubbed Primarni, when Primark firstly opened I was dubious because of its reputation – cheap, tacky and jumble-sale-like.

Dubbed Primarni, when Primark firstly opened I was dubious because of its reputation – cheap, tacky and jumble-sale-like. Being an avid fan of high street favourites Miss Selfridge, Topshop, H & M and New Look, the idea of rummaging through a packed to the brim shop to find a hidden gem was something which I’m sure many would agree, didn’t sound like retail therapy. Despite being a poor student, snobbery took over.

A couple of years later, my friend who classed Primark as the pinnacle of high street fashion, took me under her wing and for the first time I entered the shop with fresh eyes.

The typical girl quote of: “I love your (insert item of clothing), where did you get that from?” “Primark,” came up so often that it was inevitable I was going to be sucked into the bargain hunt just like everybody else.

The long queues for changing rooms and tills, the screaming children, the shouting parents, clothing falling from the rails seemed a daily occurrence. Once deemed with anguish had now become a treasure hunt, searching for designer copies at bottom-end prices. It wasn’t a love affair over night but grew gradually like my transition into a grown up sense of style to accept Primark like any other high street store.

Primark, bargain, fashionBefore coming back to university at the end of August I discovered my best buys yet as Autumn/Winter trends took motion in the high street waters. This sequinned jacket, leopard print peplum top and faux leather panel pencil skirt came in at just £40! (Buys courtesy of Humberstone Gate, Leicester. Does not include belt.)

  • If you’re a big fan of cosmetics like me, Primark obviously isn’t going to be your go to for foundation, mascara or tan but a twin pack of face wipes or a pair of eyelashes for a quid is not to be turned down. Although Eyelure are the renowned front runner for do-it-yourself lashes, pick the right Primark pair with a tube of adhesive included and you’ve got instant fuller lashes with a fiver left over in your purse.
  • Bigger is better and that is certainly the case when it comes to jewellery. Whether you’re after the classic metallics or a pop of colour like pink, orange or purple, Primark delivers a range of quirky designs starting from £1.
  • If you’re looking for makeup cases, clutches, shoulder bags or oversized to store all your necessities, there is a wide selection from the simple black, white or browns through to reds, blues and greens with funky prints and zips.

Right now Primark has a range of peplum cuts, faux fur coats, leather jackets and oversized knit cardigans and jumpers to lust over. Give Primark a chance and visit your nearest outlet. It might surprise you…