Powerful reasons to include strength training into your exercise routine

weight training
Written by C Wolsey

Are you a slave to steps? When you hit the gym are you always drawn to the cardio area and shy away from the free weights and machines? It’s a common scenario, with many individuals sticking with what they know, rather than finding alternative ways to reach their goals.

You might think that the best way to achieve weight loss is through cardiovascular exercise, or you may be cautious about lifting weights because you don’t want to look bulky, but the reality is that strength training – regardless of age, ability or gender – should be an integral part of your fitness regime. Those toned arms, chiselled abs and the peachy bum you’ve always wanted? The only way you’ll achieve the definition you dream of, is by lifting weights and embracing strength training.

Even if you don’t have access to a gym, by investing in a variety of strength equipment and a range of weight plates, you can easily incorporate strength training at home! In this post, we’ll highlight some powerful reasons to include strength training in your exercise routine, read on to find out more.

Boost Your Confidence and Fights for Your Mental Health

We all exercise for different reasons, whether it’s for aesthetics or to help keep the weight off, but exercise also helps individuals fight anxiety and boost their mental health. But, did you know that this can also be achieved by lifting weights? Strength training can help you clear your mind, focus on the positives, challenge yourself and increase your confidence with every rep and personal best. The release of endorphins means you’ll be actively fighting for better mental health with every session, and because you’ll be sleeping better, your sleep patterns will also help you combat stress and build your endurance.


It seems obvious, but very few people realise that strength training is an integral approach to reinforcing your joints, reducing pain and maintaining good levels of strength. The bigger your muscle mass (don’t worry about getting bulky, ladies!) the more movement you’ll have and the more you’ll be able to enjoy without pain holding you back. As we age, we lose our strength, so strength training is an effective approach to self-preservation.  

You Can Strength Train at Home

Cardiovascular equipment can be large, bulky and incredibly expensive, and not everyone has the confidence or desire to run for miles outdoors. Strength training is incredibly accessible for everyone, whether you start with some simple hand weights, or build up your home gym with a barbell, rack and other pieces of resistance equipment. You’ll find a variety of exercises you can do with minimal equipment, and still, keep your workouts varied and interesting.

You’ll Get The Results You Want

Whether you want toned arms and legs, or you want to tighten your glutes and your abs, you can expect these kinds of results with regular strength training.

Final Thoughts…

Start building your home gym today and start your strength training program!