Plus sized? Oh, I don’t think so…

Written by Lou Locket

Something that has always troubled me profusely is the composition of the three shameful words plus sized model. Freedom of speech and expression are basic human rights, and as with any and every topical issue in the world, there are always going to exist a set of divided opinions surrounding the concept of the ideal female physique.

Whilst everyone has their own set of unique preferences, it bothers me that women with fuller, curvier figures are often (thoughtlessly) branded plus sized. I believe that by labelling women according to their body type, we’re sending out harmful messages to younger generations.

Curvy, beautiful women

I often think that by labelling curvy, beautiful women plus sized, we’re senselessly teaching our children, younger brothers and sisters and those impressionable youngsters who take great inspiration from our worldly wisdom, that weight is what defines a woman. I worry that by categorizing women according to their size, we’re allowing the minds of the future to define women not by their talents, wonderful personalities or their intelligence, but ignorantly, by the way they look.

Beauty should not be defined simply by a toned stomach and a thigh gap (whilst this too, is beautiful). Nor should it be defined by prominent cheekbones, collarbones and slender legs. Cliche though it may sound, beauty radiates from within. Beauty is solely down to acceptance; it’s about having the courage to be kind to other people, and accept yourself (cellulite and all). Because, let’s face it; we are only human. Some women are born with a slender, lean frame. For other women, achieving such a physique is simply unrealistic. We are all born unique, individual and beautiful in our own way. Imagine for a second how boring the world would be if everybody looked the same? There would be no sense of excitement, and all adventure would be diminished.

Krispy Kremes

We all have body goals. At some point or another, we have all made idle promises to actually hit the gym, but instead picked up a box of Krispy Kremes on the way home from work and eaten the lot. Sorry, not sorry. (Yes, I have actually done this, and it was totally worth it). For me, the most alluring kind of body is a healthy body. A body that radiates the happiness of the person inside it.

I am completely bewildered by Robyn Lawley, who astonishingly, is considered a plus sized model (which really infuriates me). Boasting her womanly curves, flat tummy and boobs and bum to die for, I am totally unable to understand how somebody so gorgeous can be so negatively labelled in haste.

What do you think? Do you consider Robyn a plus sized model, or a drop-dead gorgeous woman with a body to die for?