Pixie Lott’s astounding wardrobe (how to get it)

I’ll be honest with you, up until 2 months ago I knew more about Pixie Lott’s wardrobe than I did her career.

I’ll be honest with you, up until 2 months ago I knew more about Pixie Lott’s wardrobe than I did her career. In 2010 she came to my attention as her extraordinary legs stared back at me in every magazine’s ‘Festival Fashion’ spread. I couldn’t tell you what she sang but I could sure as hell tell you what she wore at the weekend (classic Hunter wellies, denim hot pants, a straw hat and a white vest, in case you wondered- the images have been firmly imprinted on my brain). Being a festival virgin and a Coldplay lover I looked at these pictures like a non-smoker staring at a pretty girl behind the bike sheds, then continued my quest in life.

Pixie lottAs it turns out, since seeing those photos, Pixie Lott has come to my attention on quite a regular basis. This is due to every newspaper, magazine and 15-year-old girl being mesmerised by her fashion sense (and a man friend of mine blatantly declaring his love for her all over Facebook; apparently she is quite the turn on for a male apprentice tattooist aged 21). With her clothing being discussed in front of me as often as Lady Gaga’s, I decided it was time to do some research.

To I headed.

After an hour of listening to pop music I felt I had enough evidence in front of me to form an opinion. The result? I was impressed. She was the voice behind the songs I had heard blaring out of my radio as I got dressed with Chris Moyles in the morning. She is also 2 and a half years younger me, and considering the things she has achieved in her existence already, she deserves credit regardless of whether her songs fit in to your music preferences or not.

As I sat listening to the voice behind the denim shorts I decided it was time to get on the Pixie Lott band wagon, or at least, decide for myself if she was as ‘super stylish’ as everyone made her out to be.

It turns out she was.

I write this now with Pixie’s voice oozing out of my laptop speakers and a picture of her heading to Radio 1’s Live Lounge on my screen. Kiss The Stars has just finished and her re-take of Kings Of Leon’s Use Somebody has subtly replaced it. Her voice is beautiful and every ounce of emotion that that song normally fills me up with has again been re-ignited to surface level. This girl can sing. She can also put a brilliant look together.

Over my evening of research I’ve read a few things about the lady in question. Don’t jump on me when I say this (how reliable a fan website is I’m not so sure) but some sites have rumoured her giving up her music career to focus on fashion.

I decided not to read in to it as we all know what we see on the Internet isn’t always true. Instead I flicked up her ‘Use Somebody’ version (for the 6th time) and set about researching her look. I’m not into the whole ‘Steal Her Style’ thing, but when someone works a trend as well as she does it’d be criminal not to take inspiration from it. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen someone (online or in the street) and not walked off thinking ‘I must grab one of those for myself’. When I saw Pixie in her spotted maxi, I did that, so here I am sharing it with you.

Ladies, (and perhaps men, if skirts are your thing), welcome Pixie’s Live Lounge Look. 

Pixie Lott's Wardrobe


  1. Cross Chain Hand Bracelet, Topshop: £7.50
  2. Top, H&M: £6.99
  3. Clean PU Biker Jacket, Topshop: £55.00
  4. Maxi Skirt In Mesh Spot, Asos: £45.00
  5. SIN, Chocker Shoes, £39.99 (Was £55.00)
  6. Silver Effect Finish Cross Pendant On Black Fabric Thong, Matalan: £6.00
  7. Silver Look Crimp Chain Cross, Dorothy Perkins: £6.50