Paris to have a permanent fashion museum

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Written by cristianafrunza

New York, London, Milan, Paris… the fashion capitals have been hosting fashion events, launches and personalities for decades now and now it’s time for Paris to host one more thing: a permanent fashion exhibition.

Paris is a culturally and socially developed city and the variety of museums does not surprise anyone, yet the new addition will make all fashionistas book a trip to Paris. The Palais Galliera, one of Paris’ most beautiful museums, announced that starting with 2019 the museum will have a permanent fashion exhibition, a decision supported by the French brand Chanel. With such recognition and support, from one of the biggest fashion brands ever, Palais Galliera will have constructed a new space within its building which will be called Salles Gabrielle Chanel at an estimated cost of 5.7 million euros.

Although the House of Chanel holds the main role in this situation, the new room will be located in the basement and will offer a journey through the history of fashion. The exhibition will display not only the Chanel brand and its designs, but 18th century costumes through to contemporary garments.

“Thanks to the valuable support of the House of Chanel, the history of fashion, the excellency of French Haute Couture, the savoir faire and creativity will now have a prestigious place in these new rooms that Palais Galliera will proudly inaugurate in 2019.” said Saillard, the museum’s director, in a statement.

The Palais Galliera is already called The Fashion Museum, seeing as since 2013 the institution has been organising various fashion exhibitions. The year of 2019 will bring official recognition to the museum as a fashion one.

Other top fashion museums include the Dior Museum and Garden and the Fondation Pierre Berge-Yves Saint Laurent, where we can also find fashion exhibitions and items.

So, if you needed an excuse to book a trip to Paris, here it is! And as we know… Paris is always a good idea.