NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a man

Here’s some news for you ladies: you don’t need a man. It’s as simple as that. Sure, that’s easy for an outsider to say when knowing absolutely nothing about your overly complex, heart-wrenching life story that dates right back to your early teenage years, but sometimes an outside viewpoint, or a flash of reality, is all you really need…

As with all romantic turmoils, it’s rare to find someone who can relate entirely to your woes and worries, or even attempt to understand what it’s like to be in your shoes, but what almost all us women have in common is that we’ve done the tears and we’ve done the break-ups at some point in our lives.

Booze & ice cream

When I see my girlfriends moping around and indulging in a post-beak up Ben & Jerry’s binge, or downing drinks one after another to console their emotions, I wonder: why on Earth do we do this to ourselves? When has that ever been a solution?

We are all so much better than that.

One of the most important blessings we have been given is to be alive in this 21st century world. Do you want to know why?

Not every woman in history has had the pleasure of her own freedom and choices. Not every woman in history has had the option of a career. Not every woman in our world today is as lucky as you are.

Needing and relying on yourself is like needing air to breath; you can’t function without it. But constantly requiring someone else? Well, that’s like needing walking boots; it can make the journey easier but you’re certainly not going to crash and burn without them.

The root of all Evil

And no, I’m not going to start accusing men of being the source of all evil and heartache in our lives, or saying “they’re all the same”, because that really is a load of crap. All I believe is that with or without someone in your life, you should live and be the way you want.   

Ask yourself this: If you can’t pick yourself back up, how do you expect anyone else to? If you can’t dry your own tears, do you really think someone else will? And if you can’t be on your own, how do you expect to find happiness with another?

Being in control of yourself is a blessing, using your own brain is a powerful skill, and being your own role model? Well, quite frankly, that’s the best decision any woman in this world could ever make.