Kettle’s US Election Series

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Here at Kettle we have decided to run a series covering the upcoming presidential elections from now until the actual election in November.

As well as covering the election and the candidates, we will also explore the wider system, looking at the differences in the US and British systems, how the process works and what are the main issues for voters.

We’ve gathered a fantastic group of US based writers who will be covering the election for Kettle, providing a unique commentary and perspective direct from the US alongside our usual team.

Kicking the series off is Dan Arel’s article on understanding the divide in US poltics. But there will be plenty more insightful and thought provoking commentry to come, so watch this space.

Understanding the divide in American Politics

Dan Arel looks at the polarized two party political system in the US.

What is Super Tuesday?

Dan Arel looks at the importance of Super Tuesday in US politics.

Primaries v. Caucuses: What You Need to Know

Amira Hall-Hood looks at and explains the differences between a primary and a caucus. 

Why Bernie Sanders win in Michigan changes everything

Dan Arel looks at how Bernie Sanders win changes the race and the media narative. 

Violence erupts at Donald Trump rally when protesters clash with supporters 

At a Trump rally in Chicago, violence erupted when protesters successfully convinced Trump to cancel the event

Clinton and Trump win big on primary day

With 5 states up for grabs, voters handed major victories to both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

U.S. third-Party candidates look to challenge mainstream candidates

While Democrats and Republicans run the show, Viable third-party candidates are starting to arise and challenge the status quo

What is it like to attend a US political rally?