Is Robert Pattinson really right for Dior Homme?

Written by AlexandraWaring

Every year we are not only graced with flawless fashion talent at LCM, but we are also gifted with the equally flawless talent of the models wearing the collections.

Every year we are not only graced with flawless fashion talent at LCM, but we are also gifted with the equally flawless talent of the models wearing the collections. I’m not talking about their walking technique or their vacant, yet beautiful expressions. These men are gorgeous and elegant Adonises (but with all the masculine charm needed to pull off even the chunkiest of knitwear from Sibling AW13).

This has by no means fallen short of the newest recruit for Dior Homme, Robert Pattinson. The teeth gnashingly gorgeous actor (pun-intended) has struck gold with his newest modelling contract, in the last of which he featured overly foppy hair, courtesy of Hackett London. Now ditching the heritage-revival look, he has swapped his quintessential English look for a distinctly slick European one, instilling the infamous R-Patz frenzy in his fans.

R-Patz frenzy

The campaign has the celebrity journalists on their knees, as even Perez gushes about ‘a couple of stills from the ad showing the 27-year-old actor engaged in a passionate lip lock with hottie blonde model Camille Rowe, his hands possessively wrapped around her neck.’

Having seen the ‘Top Secret’ pictures myself, Perez certainly has something to gush about.

The ad features Pattinson getting frisky with a model who is distinctly different from his last ‘endeavour,’ ex-Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. No doubt a little dig was intended when shooting the ad, but who could really blame him? And Dior certainly know that the actor’s bounce-back tactic will attract all kinds of press (thanks to KStew’s ‘trampire’ move last year, in bedding Snow White & The Huntsman’s Director, Rupert Sanders).

Love child of post-punk era photographer

The campaign is the love child of post-punk era photographer Nan Goldin and French director Romain Gavras, best known for his videography for M.I.A. and Kanye West & Jay-Z. Despite both their ‘edgy’ styles, the campaign seems to maintain the elegance of the Dior brand but explores the newer urban draw that a lot of contemporary brands are missing.

However, I can’t help but question their choice in Pattinson. Taking into account his somewhat teenager-led fan base, no thanks to the Twilight Saga, this choice seems a little risky for Dior. Interestingly, in a statement released alongside the announcement that Pattinson was to be the new face of the fragrance, they praised his work, underlining his most recent endeavours including David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis and Francis Lawrence’s, Water for Elephants alongside Reese Witherspoon.

Risky for Dior

Although I’m not adverse to his boyish looks and quizzical brow, his acting skills (perhaps most prominent in his most recent work) leave much to be desired. Taking a look at previous Dior men, I can’t help but compare him to Jude Law whose career only sky rockets more and more with each film, not to mention his Silver Fox status. A Dior man through and through, Law maintained the archetypal essence of the brand.

However, as previously mentioned, being a ‘silver fox’ may indeed have misled the target audience into thinking the fragrance is for the older man. With Pattinson now on the scene, Dior have certainly turned the tables around.

Will this fall flat for Dior? Or will those infamous cheek bones carry the legend that is the Homme fragrance? Let’s hope it doesn’t suck… (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

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Photo: Evan Rinaldi