Instyle – why it is positively the must have fashion read

Instyle is a monthly fashion magazine, launched in 2001 after the success of the original publication in the States.

Instyle is a monthly fashion magazine, launched in 2001 after the success of the original publication in the States. Currently at the 140th edition socialite, style icon and The City reality star Olivia Palermo graces the October cover. With a strapline stating “the only fashion monthly you can shop from,” Instyle’s pages act as a new way of window shopping packed full of designer fashion to lust over at your fingertips.

From what I have found during my time studying journalism and many years of being a devoted follower of fashion, Instyle has slipped under the radar on magazine shelves with women often unaware of its existence never mind what it has to offer. If you want a magazine which is dedicated to fashion and beauty, a bliss to read cover to cover whether it be the latest on the catwalk, what the celebrities are wearing to what is going on behind the scenes in the business, say hello to your new fashion fix!

InStyle October 2012, Olivia PalermoInstyle is my fashion read of choice with the industry being my outright sole passion. With its soft feminine look of pastels and shades of pink dashed with the occasional glitter and doodles, there is a happy-go-lucky vibe channelling urban chic. Instyle chooses cover girls which aren’t necessarily a constant feature across the market with their own individual sense of style such as Daisy Lowe, Nicola Roberts, Gwen Stefani and Eva Green providing interesting reads even when they have not always been my cup of tea.

Following high end magazines of its kind such as fashion bible Vogue to Elle, full page and double page ads of designer brands and top beauty products are a main fixture. From the likes of Prada to Miss Sixty and Lancome to Mac, Instyle has got it covered. Rubbing shoulders with such names to hear what it is like working behind the perfected exterior always has an air of passion and drive. Whether it is a brief interview or the many articles which give an impression of relaxed days of socialising mixed in with photoshoots, the publication comes across as a casual affair yet a valuable source in the defence of critics to the business. From the catwalk to the red carpet, the style section showcases the latest goings on in the world of fashion where we see a transformation from the controlled manner of modelling to a reality wear in celebrity life. From New York, Paris, London and my dream destination Milan, Instyle keeps us up to date with the latest goings on across the fashion capitals. Two pages dominated to the latest news give us gorgeous designs as well as price and contact for those who should be so lucky. We can always rely on ‘the look’ for a recap of the month’s best dressed celebs attentive to the newest direction in style.

The final third of the magazine you can find the beauty section, collage of shots with beautiful effects to give an extra zing. Thrown together with products smeared and scattered across the pages, there is something artistic and edgy to the look separate from the structured fashion pages. Make up tips are given step by step and matched with products to suit a range of budges from Chanel to Topshop blended around the sides of the page for a closer look. As I have found that you cannot always expect what you believe to have purchased in the bright lights of the store to look the same at home, Instyle is already one up on the high street. Instyle goes to the pinnacles of knowledge to give us readers the best tips of the trade including some of the designer’s best makeup artists. The beauty desk doesn’t disappoint however with an obvious sociable atmosphere from the office translating to print through their latest must have tips and picks.

Instyle is a back catalogue to keep. Trends and tips provide something to refer back to with the sleek finish and striking photography being hard to part with. The new season gives pull outs to keep such as the latest turn of autumn showing the hottest looks from designers and how to make a great outfit fit enough for your own catwalk.

To keep up to date when waiting for the next publication, unlike other glossy’s acts as a second edition where you can expect articles and news which you will not be reading again in the next go to print.

Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar may lead the way in the fashion journalism stakes, but Instyle will always be my number one for like me its entirety and its life given to fashion. Flair and glamour, this know how will take you into knowledgeable fashionista in no time!