How to keep your nutrition on point

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Fitness and sports aren’t enjoyable for everyone, but making sure we’re as healthy as can be is a vital part of life that we are all interested in. Nobody wants to go through life in a constant state of sluggishness – it’s not pleasant. Making sure we’re in decent condition for the ninety-some years we have on this planet will benefit us in so many aspects.

When people think about being fit and healthy, the first thought that comes to their minds is exercise. Exercising is, of course, a necessary part of improving your overall physical prowess, but it’s not the entire deal. The more boring part of living a healthy lifestyle is the most significant: eating! A person’s nutrition is so very key to how they feel, behave, look and perform. You can run every day and lift weights a lot, but if you’re eating all the wrong stuff, you won’t get anywhere near the result you’re after. You can’t out-train a bad diet.

You’ve probably experienced this before because everybody has. You do a little exercise and you see little results for the effort you’ve put in. Fear not, though. Eating correctly isn’t rocket science – it just takes a little time and critical thinking! If you want to get yourself into better condition but you’re not sure how to approach the nutritional side of things, let’s go through some simple things that you can do.


As we said before, it’s not the most difficult thing in the world, but it is quite confusing – especially nowadays. Due to all of the different opinions from lots of influential people, eating correctly or appropriate now appears to be a minefield. We learned the basics of a balanced diet when we were kids in school. It would be a good idea to head online or read a few books just to reread the basics. You can then push on into more detail. It’s really not that complicated for the average person. Eat less and you’ll lose weight. Eat more and you’ll put on weight.

Figure Out Your Own Body

Every single person has a different body. We know this. What’s good for one person may not be ideal for another. Have you ever tried to follow the diet of someone you look up to or want to look like? Did it go a little wrong? That would be because your body operates differently to his or hers. Taking in little tidbits is all well and good, but don’t follow along with them religiously. It’ll take a little time, but you should figure out how your body responds to certain foods and go from there.

Meal Plan

Some people don’t like the strict routine nature of this, but it’s a good way of eating correctly and keeping track of things. If you’re willing to take an hour or so out of your day to write down a plan and come up with different meals, it could solve a lot of issues. When you have a plan, you’re then able to prepare the meals ahead of time, too. Convenient.

Stay Hydrated

One thing that a lot of people forget to do day-in-day-out is drink water! We need a lot of it to function properly – we are made up of the stuff, after all. When we’re dehydrated, we get hot, bothered and cranky. We always sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, which can lead to overeating. Make sure you drink three litres of water a day. If you find water boring as some people do, there are other means of hydration such as electrolyte powder, and other similar manufactured products. As we said before, lots of people just forget to drink water – it’s such a simple task!

Listen To Your Stomach

If you’re super hungry, then you have the reason to eat a fair bit of grub. Your stomach will literally tell you how much to eat. You know how this works because you’ve been hungry lots of times and you’ve also eaten when you don’t need to. Don’t just eat an entire serving because that’s what you’re used to – if you can have half, then have half!

Allow Cheat Days!

Finally, don’t make this a strict and regimented ordeal all of the time. If you constantly eat boring food or sensible stuff, then your quality of life goes down a little. One day a week or a meal every now and again won’t deter you from meeting your goals. Some studies actually show that you need a bad day of eating in order to get your body to burn calories better.