How spending time in the garden can help you relax: Creating your own garden oasis

Written by Nigel Simpkins

During lockdown, many have learnt just how much they value their gardens and outdoor spaces in general to provide them with a great place to have some relaxing down time. 

Spending more time in your garden and discovering how to take care of its plants and trees can be a very reliable way to destress. Feeling stressed from work? Or are your family overcrowding you a little bit and you can’t seem to be able to get any peace? Then why not tend to some shrubs, trim the hedge rows, arrange the flower beds, or do some essential weeding to help keep your mind off your worries for a short while. 

Here we have come up with a few suggestions and ways that spending more time in your garden space will over time ensure that it become your very own little sanctuary and oasis.

The Great Benefits of Spending More Time Outside in the Garden for Your Wellbeing and Relaxation

There is lots of research out there which points towards gardening having various positive health benefits, one including improvements in mental wellbeing and it being an important way of combating stress.

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns all came on very suddenly in March 2020, the whole situation of the lockdowns has led to lots of people in British suffering from increased levels of stress. Therefore, it is a great idea to take up gardening or join an allotment during these times when things are still a little bit uncertain everywhere. 

Gardening doesn’t necessarily have to be a lonesome solo activity. You can garden outside with your children or partner as your handy assistants. Alternatively, you may choose to join a local allotment which can be very sociable and a wonderful opportunity to help you to get to know your neighbours a little better. 

Enjoying Admiring the View of Your Gardening Work

By looking after you garden regularly you will be blessed with a more pleasant relaxing view to admire and take in from your kitchen window. Looking over your blooming plants and enjoying the fruits of your labour can be very satisfying and provide you with a sense of fulfilment and achievement. 

So that you can kick back, relax, and get a prime vista of the plants, trees, and wildlife in your garden, why not invest in getting an awning? Having an awning allows you to enjoy mealtimes or having a drink outside with family and friends whilst gazing over your gardening projects. Nationwide LTD is a renowned provider of outdoor living innovations in the UK. This provider of awnings can help you to transform your outdoor space and create a shaded space for you and your loved ones. Enjoy your time relaxing on the patio under the cover of your awning. 

The Joys of Gardening and Getting Your fingers Green

As well as being a top way to relax, gardening is also a very easy hobby to take up and grasp quickly in a short amount of time. With a little practice through trial and error with plants, reading a few gardening books, and watching a few videos and TV programmes you will find yourself going from a beginner to a top gardener in next to no time. 

So, embrace gardening in your free time, and read up on how you can make sure your Hollyhocks and Geraniums can get enough nutrients from the soil and bloom. 

You will soon get the hang of it and spend time chatting to other people about how proud you are of your garden or allotment plot and the progress you’ve made. It’s always a great motivator in life to have a goal and a sense of purpose, make your gardening patch your treasured pride and joy!

How Spending Time in the Garden Can Be Good for Your Mind and Help You to Relax More Easily: Go Outside and Up Your Serotonin Levels

Life itself can often be highly stressful a lot of the time for a multitude of reasons. Exams, work, looking after children and family members, relationships, financial issues and so on are all big sources of stress in life. And gardening can be a top way of focussing your mind and energy onto something else, having a very relaxing and calming effect on your state of mind. 

So, make a proper effort to get outside and raise your serotonin levels by doing plenty of gardening and spending lots of your free time outdoors interacting closely with nature. Plants, trees, and birds can have a calming impact on the mind and appreciating them can easily take your mind off everyday stresses. 

Feeling Stressed at Work? Gardening Can Help to Keep Your Mind Off It All 

Many people in the UK work in highly stressful jobs and take on a lot of responsibility in a professional capacity. Unfortunately, work related stress can be very destructive and have a spiralling negative effect on an individual’s wellbeing and mental health if it is not recognised and dealt with in any way. 

The pandemic and the way to affected workplace arrangements has led to many employees in workplaces across the UK suffering badly from stress in recent times.

Gardening is a fantastic way to combat work related stress and to help you unwind a little from all of your hang ups in the workplace.