Gypsy Sport 2017 spring/summer: boys in skirts

Men with wigs, dressed in skirts and lace; you either hate it or love it, but this show stands out boldly from the 2017 spring/summer monochrome suits and normcore combinations. 

Gypsy Sport has taken its place among the Hood By Air, Rick Owens and Givenchy who all have sent a guy in a skirt or dress onto the catwalk. 

Mixing the sportswear with maiden aprons,  sexy revealing dresses and flirty lace, Gypsy Sport turns its attention to women and gender borders. And rightly so. Although androgyny entered the mainstream already in the 70s with David Bowie, blurring the gender borders hasn’t gone much further than that. Yes, we had unisex 90s, but we don’t yet have shows for transgenders and mixing the boys and girls outfits is still quite rare in everyday life. So, it’s great that Gypsy Sport has taken a bold step forward in not just putting a skirt on a single guy but have third of his models wearing a skirt or dress and most of the models wearing items we consider ‘feminine’.

Gypsy Sport runway Gypsy Sport’s spring/summer 17 menswear collection presents us with a whole collection of clothes we associate with girls. he showcased basketball shorts that look like old fashioned underwear, thanks to their lace endings to slits until the bellybutton. We have plus sized model and a bold guy who walks on the stage “breast” out. Changes usually take time, so we probably won’t see dresses worn by men next summer, but maybe it’ll encourage us to swap our clothes with our boyfriends or girlfriends and ignore the “women”/ “men” departments in shops.

 But is there anything else that our male readers can note for the future besides the political message? If I had to pick something for my boyfriend to wear then probably I would encourage him to go for basketball uniforms and advise him to wear a crop top.

Not sure that he’ll be happy with that though.

For myself I’ll find tons of inspiration from Gypsy Sport’s bold looks. Mixing sporty attire and lace is refreshing. Transparent garments mixed with sporty bras and crop tops are attractive looking. The lace dress is pretty and the dresses inspired by basketball shirts are also adorable.