Five fashion tips from my American travels

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Everyone always loves a 'holiday' shop right before they jet away to some exotic far away land. Me – I had to pack for America, and of course my debit card suffered.

So here are the five top tips I want to share, as a result of  me spending a few months in America.

Keep your fashion items neutral

Now one thing I'm super glad I did, was keeping my garments basic and all in neutral colours. This means that everything went with everything. My skirts went well with all my tops, and my dresses went well with all my shoes. It resolved the worry of  feeling like 'I have nothing to wear.'

I stuck mostly to a colour pallet of white, grey, olive green, baby pinks and camel beige. Besides, with celebrity icons such as the Kardashian clan always opting for this colour range too, nothing could go wrong.

Bring pairs of shoes specific to occasions

I didn’t bring any heels as I knew that I wouldn’t be needing them. Instead I brought a pair of white converse, some sandals and a pair of pointed ballet flats.  I knew that these shoes would be interchangeable between the outfits as they were also neutral colours – Black, tan and white.

To avoid taking up room in your suitcase – don’t pack heels, but instead pack a pair of sandals that have added bling, or something extra like the gladiator style.

Add a cute rucksack to your wardrobe

With small rucksacks coming back into the fashion world, there are plenty chic options available. No longer are they just for secondary school children carrying hoards of books, but  they can now be used to style an outfit. For me carrying one was  a lifesaver – as although I'm in love with my handbags, it was a comfortable yet stylish way to explore the sights in the area.

Check the weather before you go and don’t fret about not having enough clothes

This may sound completely obvious – but yes on my travels I met a few people who didn’t. One guy I met who was from Australia only brought with him winter clothing for temperatures 25 degrees Celsius plus. I as well could have left a few jeans and jumper at home, but me being me likes to over pack and over think everything. I did check the weather, but like I said I was suspicious….don’t be!

Pack for the conditions and save room. If worse comes to worse, you can purchase jumpers or coats out there!

Leave room for clothes you will purchase out there

I ended up having to substitute and get rid of some of the clothes I took out there. I fell in love with beauty products and clothes that was slightly cheaper to what I would get in the UK.

If you love fashion like me, I can guarantee you will find plenty you want to take back with you.