Fashion headliners this festival season

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Written by Shonagh Mulhern



 It’s patterned, pretty and a perfect addition to your festival wardrobe! It’s summery and seductive, energetic yet elegant. The juxtaposition of each element is enticing and shockingly affordable this season. You could wear this look classically in the original colouring of black and white or you could embrace a twist of colour. Popular shades in gingham at the moment are pastel blue, baby pink or ruby red.  For those less tickled by the trend, incorporating it subtly with a hairband, choker or frilled school-like socks would be minimal yet noticeable.



 A revolution I am only too happy to get behind. Seriously, this trend is a girl’s best friend and I know I will not be alone when welcoming it back with open arms. Volume is being turned up on and off the stage this summer and let me tell you why this should excite you. Volume in the form of ruffles frills or peplum structures if worn correctly can totally transform a silhouette. It can slim us down, curve us up or add dimension to figures that are out of proportion. No Bridget Jones pants, no waist trainers and thankfully no fad diets. With just a credit card and a penchant for online shopping you can totally transform yourself. And tonight Matthew, I’m going to be.. Absolutely gorgeous.



 A trend that has never and probably will never leave the festival circuit. Olden but golden, you’d be silly not to invest in a killer piece of the fabric this year. After all, it is one of the easiest outfit staples to recycle. Thanks to denims’ neutral tone it is easy to mix and match with other more extravagant pieces we are brave enough to sport during festival season. With so much on offer this Spring-Summer from coloured denim, dungaree style denim or cut out denim – you have the choice to wear it in whichever way fits you and your personal style best. Get browsing!



Embellishments have made their way from the make-up world to the fashion franchise and I’m not mad about it. This trend speaks to the extroverts out there, like pizza speaks to my soul. A lot.  Sequins for festival season is hardly ground breaking but it still excites us immensely. There’s just something about delving into the arty, childlike side of our personalities as adults that we can’t help but love and encourage. I mean when else is rocking glitter, sparkles and sequins post childhood acceptable? Make the most of the opportunity. 


Shoulderless cuts

 Again, this one has been everywhere since Spring however the Summer brings an unexpected twist on the trend. Cut out outerwear. Makes sense I suppose, with the hotter climate although the idea itself is quite abstract. No doubt some would debate taking chunks out of a jacket used to shield you from rain, wind and the cold would defeat the purpose of wearing such a garment but each to their own. Are you prepared to sacrifice a little chill for a super cool outfit? Or do you think the whole concept is a little off? We’ll let you make your own minds up about this one!