Can we all just take a minute? And, just..Kendall Jenner

Written by milfinn

A woman of many talents

I don’t know whether it’s the sight of her eating giant hamburgers on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and remaining model material, or her knocking her sister’s wedding pic off the spot for most liked Instagram picture with that fabulous snap of her hair in heart shapes, but I can’t help feeling that if she was the face of every Vogue for a year, all would be right with the world. 


She’s part of everyone’s secret favourite squad, those Kardashians we cannot get away from, but why would we not want Kendall Jenner’s new flawless Estee Lauder shoot to grace our timelines? And while we know she’s killing it at the Balmain x H&M launch (where the Backstreet Boys guest appeared, does it get any better!) we also know in between she’s wetting herself laughing at Kylie’s most embarrassing moment with Cosmopolitan.  

Fashion fame

I always find myself up-to-date with her younger sister’s snapchat: kylizzlemynizzl, (you’re welcome for the plug Kylie), but those snaps of her newest lime green extensions (yes, lime) just do not match up to Kendall’s vogue complexion. Despite being named one of the highest earning models in her field, doesn’t she seem the most normal out of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? It isn't  hard to choose who we relate to the most when we see shots of her out in a jumper, skinny jeans and brogues next to Kim in a not-so-comfortable leather two-piece over her eight month bump.

Speaking of fashion goals, do I even need to mention the next thing crossed off on Kendall’s catwalk list? I’m not sure what type of birthday presents you’re all accustomed to but being granted new angel status for Victoria’s Secret next fashion show was one Kendall championed on her 20th.  She proceeded to storm the runway with a look that was named as the ‘boho psychedelic’ in a floral and lace corset, proving her place as the deserving new addition to these lingerie models.  So with Kris and Caitlyn Jenner sitting proudly on the front row for their daughter’s impressive debut she steps out for her second walk in a bejewelled and sheer baby blue corset, leaving us torn between two unforgettable looks to choose as our favourite.  



Now she's not queen of the Twitter feuds, she's not author of her own selfie book, nor is she married to a man more in love with himself than anyone else (no offence Kim). But at 20 years old she has effortlessly stormed the runway countless times yet still has time to give her followers the best kind of updates that melt our hearts.  


Athough when we say squad goals I think we mean Kimmy K’s recent baby shower/slumber party/gathering of dreamy contoured faces in blue and white striped pyjamas. No-one can compete, but the next time you’re watching the Kardashians just remember she’s the only one whose twitter consists of retweets titled ‘puppy falls over #cute’. Best friend material? I think so.