A Girl’s Ultimate Christmas Party Survival Kit

Christmas party season:

Christmas party season: in theory, a time when anything goes, when glitter is your new best friend and when opulence reigns supreme. In reality, a constant struggle to maintain your glamourous exterior as you battle against the freezing cold and the snow until the early hours of the morning.

But fear not, ladies! Thankfully there are numerous products out there to keep you looking lush. Here’s a rundown of the Christmas Party Survival Kit every girl should have.


A good hairspray is essential to keep that blow dry looking fabulous rather than flat. Thankfully, there’s no need to fork out a small fortune for salon branded stuff as the best hairsprays are often the cheapest.  For decades, professionals have relied on Elnett and the range is bigger than ever.


Whether you want extreme holdextra volume or satin shine, there’s a perfect hairspray for you.


Did you know you can also use hairspray to set your make up? Just give your face a light spray before heading out and voila! You’re ready to party the night away without the risk of panda eyes and patchy foundation.

Luscious Lips

There’s nothing more glamorous than a statement lip this time of year but when eating and drinking are involved, this becomes an issue. Enter Lipcote: a clear topcoat that will make even the cheapest of lipsticks last for hours and plump up your pout at the same time. If there was ever a life-changing beauty product, this is it.


For a bold lip that will last all night, start by pressing face powder onto your lips then use a lip liner to prevent the edges blurring. Next apply one coat of lipstick, blot using a sheet of toilet paper, and repeat. Finally, apply Lipcote, starting with the outline then filling in the rest of your lips. After a few moments to dry, your pout will be party perfect!

Signature Scent

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with new fragrances but the tricky bit is getting the smell to last. Make sure to apply it on pulse points, such as inside your wrist, the base of your throat and behind the knee. The blood vessels under the skin help to ‘pump’ the smell. The fragrance will also last longer when it is sprayed on your clothes.

The best way to make a scent stay is to layer up the smell. Thankfully, at Christmas perfume gift sets are everywhere (and usually on offer!) so you can get a shower gel and moisturiser to match your fragrance. Some of the big fragrance houses, such as Chanel and Dior, stock a whole range of perfumed products, including deodorant and hair perfume.

Quick Fixes

So it’s past midnight, you’ve had a fair few drinks and the effects are starting to show. No worries: there’s now a range of miracle products that will leave you looking refreshed in no time.

For eye make-up smudges, Simple does a brilliant corrector pen. Its pointed nib makes it perfect for correcting even the tiniest of flaws in an instant.


If all that dancing has started to take its toll, try using blotting sheets to combat an oily face. Instead of leaving your face looking cakey like a build-up of face powder, these little miracle sheets actively remove excess oil. Boots’ own brand blotting sheets are a cheap handbag essential. Finish off with a spray of a moisturising face mist and you should be ready to keep on going all night long.


Party Feet

There is nothing worse for killing your party spirit than an uncomfortable pair of shoes, so we must thank Scholl for creating their lifesaving range of foot care. Don’t leave the house without a pair of their gel heel cushions to prevent rubbing on the soles of your feet, and their heel shields are amazing for stopping new shoes shredding your ankles.


When you just can’t face heels any longer, a pair of Rollasoles will be your party saviours. These revolutionary little ballet pumps roll up to fit in your handbag, solving the space dilemma involved with taking back-up shoes.


Have a glamorous Christmas and New Year, everyone!

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