A Female’s Perspective on Male Style Icons

Written by luisaorlandi29

Although it’s normally the fairer sex who are notorious for being fashion conscious, style savvy and retail addicts, recently many more men are giving us g

Although it’s normally the fairer sex who are notorious for being fashion conscious, style savvy and retail addicts, recently many more men are giving us girls a run for our money in the looking good department. 

No one is denying that for as long as we can remember the big name designers and heads of fashion houses  across the globe have been equally split between male and female.  Names such as Sir Paul Smith, the late Alexander McQueen and Burberry’s Christopher Bailey come to mind immediately when musing over fashions biggest influencers to date and the number of male designers will only continue to increase. These extremely talented and intuitive gentlemen have encouraged men to take pride in the clothes they wear and embrace style and fashion as openly as their female counterparts do.

Along with talent behind the scenes, many more male celebrities are finding themselves in the spotlight, not only for recognition of their day jobs, but for appreciation of their impeccable style. It’s very common for magazines, blogs and fashion websites to feature the best dressed female celebrities of the week. Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth are among a few names constantly quoted as ‘style icons’ and women all over the world try to imitate these beautiful ladies looks and take inspiration for their own wardrobe.

However, it is seldom that you hear a guy saying to his friend ‘did you see that blazer Ryan Gosling was wearing on that show? I want to get one just like it.’ This doesn’t mean though that male style icons are few and far between, they’re popping up all over the place! And whether or not you guys are ready to admit it you will definitely be taking note of these fashion forward thinking gents.

Figure Out What Your Look Is

For me, a man in a well cut, tailored suit has the epitome of good taste. In the same way that every woman should own the perfect LBD, all men at some point will require the class and sophistication of the perfect suit.  And who wears a suit better than Mr Tom Ford? What makes the designer and director so on trend (all the time) is pure commitment to what has become his signature style. Ford was quoted saying to Vogue ‘One of the most important things is to figure out what your look is – I don’t wear this black suit-white shirt combination all the time to try and be iconic – but because I’m most comfortable in this.’ Keep wearing those sharp suits Tom.

In contrast to such a classic sort, is rapper/producer Pharrell Williams who embodies all that’s up-to date, on trend and seriously cool. His style icon status was confirmed in the recent spread for the one and only style Bible, Vogue. Whether he’s sporting red and black plaid trousers with a military style jacket, paired with Saint Laurent heavy duty boots, or a fitted white shirt, Louis Vuitton suit trousers and patent loafers, he pulls off both looks effortlessly and his creativity emanates through the clothes he wears. The fact the 40 year old doesn’t look a day over 25 also proves that men of any age can look stylish, relevant and confident.

Last but by no means least, is the man’s man of male style icons and the second Tom in this list, Brit actor Tom Hardy. Apart from my secret fashion crush on the Sheepskin coat that Hardy’s film persona Bane, wears oh so well in the 2012 Batman, off screen Mr Hardy’s dress code is one that many guys can relate to; baseball cap, hoody, puffer jacket and trainers (not the smart kind either.) This casual combination proves unlikely to be heralded as trend setting or original. However saying this, it is the man’s ability to scrub up extremely well that makes him pretty damn impressive. From scruffy Londoner to red carpet pro, the actor exhibits how simple it is for even the most laid-back of guys to pull it out the bag and really dress to impress.

Image: Nicogenin