7 tips to save money on CBD oil 

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Written by Nigel Simpkins

CBD Oil is growing in popularity throughout the UK with 6 million people who have tried it. The progressive trend is unlikely to dissipate shortly, seeing that consumer interest cuts across all age groups. With more entrants into this space it’s highly unlikely that prices will be dropping any time soon. But that does not mean that you will have to reduce your CBD intake, it just means that you have to be clever about your purchasing habits. This article shows you how to save money when buying CBD oil in the UK.

Before looking at how to save some on CBD purchases, it’s important to first understand what CBD oil is and why quality CBD oil is expensive to create. A bottle of 500mg CBD costs £27- £40.

7 Essential Tips That Will Save You Money

Tip 1: Don’t Compromise on quality

When it comes to CBD you should be very wary of products selling at half the price especially when they are not on offer. As mentioned earlier some products on the high street are of inferior quality and may even contain harmful ingredients.

Work with established brands that have a verifiable location and have been in the market for some time. Look for what other customers are saying about the brand and even go the extra mile to ask questions directly to the company.

When you buy substandard CBD oil you not only lose on the money that you spent but you may also be exposing yourself to health risk. That’s why it’s important to buy CBD oil only from trusted sellers like Zamnesia.

Tip 2: Go For Potency, Not Liquid Size

Ask yourself this question; what’s the price per milligram of CBD?

As a rule of thumb always remember that you are not buying the liquid but the amount of CBD in the liquid.

For example, Cibdol’s CBD oil comes in a 10 mL bottle containing three different CBD concentrations. The size of the bottle may not change but the amount of CBD changes. A different company may opt to use 15mL bottles for similar CBD concentrations. So don’t be tricked into thinking that particular CBD oil is cheaper because it comes in a larger bottle.

Tip 3: CBD Oil Coupons Are A Life Saver

Scavenging for coupons online can be intriguing, but it can also save you a lot of money if you use CBD on the regular. Most CBD sellers will tuck their coupons smack in the middle of their web pages. The goodness with a coupon is that you can always stash the codes somewhere and pull them out when you are a little hard-pressed on cash. However there are a few fake codes on the internet, make sure that you always use reputable websites for CBD coupon codes.

CBD Shopy is currently offering a 15% discount coupon for first time buyers, valid until 31-12-2019. Simply use “INTRO15” at checkout.

Tip 4: Buy CBD In Bulk

Most CBD sellers offer discounts for bulk purchases. You can also target clearance sales where CBD oil is usually discounted in bulk. Other CBD companies will also offer discounts or free shipping when you purchase a certain amount or higher. If a company has not advertised bulk discounts do not hesitate to ask for one if you have made a bulk purchase.

Tip 5: Review CBD Products That You Have Used

CBD is still a nascent industry in the UK; this means that CBD companies rely heavily on customer reviews to build their brand reputation. Consequently, most brands offer discounts to customers who post objective reviews of their companies. This may not work all the time but is definitely worth the effort.

Tip 6: Look For Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate membership is a big thing in the CBD world. CBD marketing is highly restrictive hence CBD companies have to rely on un-traditional marketing opportunities.

If you are a regular CBD user, signing up for an affiliate link will create opportunities for you to earn as well as get CBD for cheaper. You can use a blog or social media to promote your affiliate link and make CBD sales. Even if you hit just a few sales each month it will go a long way in off-setting your CBD bills.

Tip 7: Refer Others

Develop the habit of talking about CBD benefits with your friends and family. While doing it you may be able to reduce your CBD bills. Some CBD companies offer referral programs; the more people you refer to the greater the discounts that you get.