6 ways to stay safe in the sun


Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2007, wear sunscreen

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen

Baz Luhrmann

 And how right Baz Luhrmann is, with the hot hot hot weather we have been having these past days. It is important to keep safe and look after yourself under the sun.

So here are our Top 6 Tips to stay safe in the sun, as we wouldn’t want our Kettle readers to burn now would we, no we care about you guys.

1. Sunscreen

Wear sun cream, we don’t want to end up looking like a red tomato now do we?  With temperatures up to 40 degrees c, you need to protect yourself and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Even if it does not feel that hot, trust me it is and you can burn in it. Especially for those of us with fair hair and skin we need the highest factor lathered on our skin. 

2. Hat

They may not be the most fashionable accessory but trust me; they are a necessity in this hot weather.  I always wear big hats or sun caps just to give myself some shade and to stop my little ears from burning. I’d rather look silly wearing a hat than looking silly with burnt ears and shoulders etc. It is all very safety first when it comes to the sun but it is all in good health to prevent yourself from burning and ending up having a cold bath or smothering yourself with after sun or depending on how bad the burn- natural yoghurt.

3. Sunglasses

They look cool and they prevent you from squinting in the sun. As most of you out there go on the hunt for Pokémon in the sunny weather, looking down at your screens- your eyes are the most important thing. So protect them and get those shades on.

4. Water

Fluids are a must in these heat, you need to keep your body and mind hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water, maybe take a large bottle of water with you on your way to work or uni . We don’t want you melting or passing out on your journey. So drink plenty of water and fluids to keep you on the go during these hot days. If you are like me and get bored by water, I always drink coconut water or use an infuser and flavour my water with fruit. This also has extra health benefits.

5. Eating

Aswell as fluids, it is also important to eat regualry as well- plenty of fruit and veg.  You need the energy for your day, to keep you going through this heat.

6. Keep Cool

This is vital, whether that is staying in the shade, eating an ice cream or even ohaving a fan near by- you need to keep cool in this sweltering heat to let your body cool down.  For those of you who are fashion forward- wear light fabric, maybe cotton or linen- just make sure it isn’t a jumper and you are not wearing too many layers. Then make sure your shoulders are covered up if you don’t have sun cream on. 

This weather is set to get hotter so you need to stay safe in this sun and try not to stay in the heat for too long. I always go inside when it gets too hot for me, just to give myself  a break from the sun. As too much is bad for you.