5 essentials apps to help you get fit.

Getting fit can be a challenge when you’re faced with domino’s loyalty offers being posted through the door, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. Your mobile phone can now become your own pocket sized personal trainer.


A personal favourite of mine, this app takes the stress out of weight loss. MyFitnessPal is based on calorie counting but instead of spending hours trying to figure out how much your cup of coffee costs, calorie wise, this app does it all for you. Through a barcode scanning feature, or through the search database you can monitor what you eat, and chart your weight loss.


A step-by-step programme that promises to have you running 5km in nine weeks, I didn’t believe it either! This app starts with getting users to gradually increase the level of fitness from light jogging, to confident runner in just three training sessions each week.   

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Workout Trainer

Combining age, gender, fitness level and goals, Workout Trainer not only tracks everything you do with detail but it also allows you to favourite workouts and interact with other users by sharing photographs and chat forums. The app allows you to take control of your own fitness training with a wide range of workout routines and programmes to choose from.

Nike +

The Nike+ Running app is designed to help reach goals by focussing on speed, distance and digital trophy rewards for milestones. Feeling a bit competitive? This app allows you to challenge friends and view each other’s progress. With time tracking capability, GPS and calorie counting this app is perfect for anyone looking to start running but lacks motivation. This app even syncs to your music giving you the choice to pick ‘power songs’ for when you really need that extra boost of energy. Nike+ also includes programmes for the more experienced runner, with built-in distance programmes from 5K’s to marathons.


This app is for those who love or want to start running, jogging, or walking allowing you to live track your run or have the app coach you as your run. Unlike other apps not only does it allow you to listen to music, it also allows you to go about your daily routine whilst you’re working out. A running diary, this app offers GPS tracking, logging of daily activities and calories. Although this app is free, it offers a premium mode for just £3.56 a month which adds features such as Lifetime stats and interval training. 

These are some of our favourite fitness apps, but what are yours? Let us know in the comments below.