4 Ways to Keep Fit Outdoors

Written by JennyRose

So very recently I discovered that the gym is NOT for me… and after that, I also discovered that home workouts were also NOT for me. Although, thankfully I found that I did enjoy getting fit outdoors because it can feel as if you’re not even exercising. What’s better than exercise that you don’t realise you’re doing? Anyway, for this article, I had a chat with a couple family members and friends to find out ways they get fit outdoors and added in one or two that I use myself.

Boot Camp

My mum’s friends SWEAR by boot camp, and if it sounds like your kind of thing you should go for it. Always try stuff like this at least once. Boot camp really works for people that need the motivation of others to continue going, and also need a leader to instruct them what to do. However, if you can’t afford boot camp perhaps you could think about starting one with a group of friends in your garden or Local Park. Here’s a great website that gives you workout ideas for boot camp sessions, so all you need to do is grab a group of people and get to your closest outdoor space.


This is undoubtedly one of my favourite ways to keep fit as you can admire nature, brush up on photography skills and get super fit. Unfortunately, it’s a method that not all of us can do so often, especially when you don’t live in a mountainous area with lots of beautiful walking paths. It’s such a great way to get fit as there tends to be plenty of incline so it’s great for your legs, and it’s so good for your mental health as you’re getting fresh air and spending time in nature. The Lake District is my favourite hiking location because there are endless trails and because it’s so popular there are so many resources online to help you find a perfect trail. 


This may sound like a weird one but I really like volunteering to keep fit – the benefits of volunteering are almost endless. Unfortunately, I don’t do this as often as I should but when I was at University I did it a lot through the Volunteering society. I tended to use this website to find opportunities too. I have helped out with tree coppicing, digging moats etc. Great arm workouts!

Outdoor Yoga

I personally haven’t tried this method, but I know a few people that have taken some outdoor classes in London and loved it. If I did do this, however, it definitely couldn’t be a regular thing because they tend to be quite expensive (of course it would be, it’s London). There are a lot of choices, from rooftop classes to classes in the park etc. Richmond Park would definitely be my top pick; imagine doing an early morning yoga class with deer around you?! If London is too expensive for your liking, perhaps you can find some cheaper classes elsewhere.