3 tips for first-time Mums

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Becoming a mum for the first time is a life-changing experience. You are probably wondering about what comes after your baby arrives, so take a look at these three tips for first-time mums to ease some of your worries.

1. Plan It All

This tip for being a mum might be tricky, since life with newborns can be hectic – between making bottles and soothing a crying baby, your plans can disappear – but that doesn’t mean it won’t help.

Having a plan will help your new family have a response ready for any situation and if, as mentioned above, it doesn’t go as you thought, you’ll at least have a response guide.

The best part about planning ahead is that you are doing the work you’ll be too tired or busy to do when your baby finally gets here. You might be a tired new mum but you will have a plan ready.

Here are some essentials you can plan that will be lifesavers:

  • Have meals prepared and frozen
  • Pump milk for unexpected outings or feedings
  • Have an emergency bag ready
  • Always have extra clothes at hand for accidents
  • Get a list of emergency contact numbers
  • Plan out a visiting schedule for the new baby to meet people
  • Get your christening or other plans ready with plenty of time to spare

Plans also help your partner and other family members learn how to handle situations without extra help.

2 Use Technology Tools

One of the best tips for a first-time mum is to take advantage of the benefits of technology to communicate, organise and save money.

Having your day planned out on your mobile, using Samsung discount codes, and sharing it all with your partner and family, can help make life as a first-time mum a lot easier to handle.

Here are some ways in which technology can help:

  • Create a shared calendar and schedules
  • Send updated shopping lists
  • Order online
  • Search for tips and hacks online
  • Track the baby’s and mum’s eating, sleeping and weight for growth or wellness stats

The best part is you can have all of this in your pocket at all times.

3 Make Time For Yourself

Mums are usually the primary caregivers of a new baby, feeding them, changing them and soothing their cries. As such, they are more intuitive towards the child, plus feel a primal need to respond. That said, exhaustion will do you and your baby no good.

As a first-time mum, you’ll need to learn the fundamental truth that taking care of you is also looking after your little bundle of joy.

The level of care you give that new baby will be influenced by how you are looking after yourself. Making sure you are as rested as possible, eating well and exercising – all of which will benefit your baby and your whole family.

Being a first-time mum is going to be a challenge but one that you will cherish for life. You’ll get to live some of the most special moments any person can have, so enjoy it all!