10 things that 2018 can keep…

10 things 2018 can keep
Written by janinelinton

1 – All politicians senators governors presidential candidates, mayors local government representatives and constituents leaders that bombard my emails when they want support in the form of a vote or money, so they decide to hound me via email between 10 to 15 times throughout that season if not more when election time is upon us but for the remaining months of the year, when there are no elections or voting they appear to be hibernating or on hiatus. However when I reach out to those same parties to offer my suggestions help opinions or support, they seem to have acquired amnesia or to have lost my email information because I never get a response until they need that 3 dollar 5 dollar 10 dollar or 20 dollar donation.

2 – The movers and shakers on social media that have an event to promote all the time or those who would like you to support their business buy their product accept their requests to play candy crush or continue their chain mail message, with instructions to pass it on to 10 people or you won’t be blessed. However if you ask them to reciprocate that support even if it does not cost them anything financially, just a tap on the like button or a signature for a worthy cause they scroll past your request because that would eat into their precious time.

Can’t we just all get along?

3 – The women’s rights activists and groups are supported by many the LGBT community are supported by many and rightly so, they integrate their support and help each other and speak out on behalf of each other especially in tragic moments, for example when the shooting occurred in Pulse a dominantly gay club in Orlando Florida  it was an attack on our rights as humans, when a number of television executives and high profile male actors assaulted women in the workplace the same thing applied, it is an attack on our rights to feel safe as humans in the work place. I have heard and seen these groups interchange support for each other in marches speeches and boycotts.  However I have to point out that whenever there is a shooting of a unarmed black person by police  and the misconduct of the group in authority is caught on tape and justice is still not served, I never hear the LGBT community or all of the women rights leaders speak up and unite with the message that this also is a human rights issue showing solidarity with their brothers and sisters on these issues, instead there is an air of you in your small corner and I in mine when it pertains to issues that affect communities of color.  There are women of color that have been physically manhandled when stopped by police and tapes are now surfacing of these events and women that have died in police custody, is support from women’s right groups not needed in those cases.

4 – The entire impeachment situation and all of the key players that were connected to the president Donald Trump, that have been bought up on charges even arrested conveniently fired or resigned the entire investigation is getting on my last nerve. Donald has disowned or turned his back on some of his former employees and associates now that they have been arrested, they were handpicked to occupy an office that represents this country yet all of those shady characters that use to be a part of his staff at the white house are dropping off like flies.   My grandma had a saying you are known by the company you keep I guess that does not apply to Donald trump because he is still buying burgers for athletes while U.S TSA and other government workers are not being paid and here I was thinking slavery was over. Is the shutdown of the U.S Federal government regarding a disagreement about building schools hospitals or rehabilitation centers? No it’s about not agreeing on billions for the presidents concrete or steel or see through wall, the specifications of the wall seem to change every minute but the billion dollar price tag doesn’t and even if the billions is acquired the wall would still not be completed and a gap would be left requiring more money.  Don’t be surprised if the outcome of the Muller investigation absolutely amounts to nada.

5 – Rap music and how uninventive it sounds.   I’m not saying it does not sell or it’s not popular or it does not have a place in today’s market of music, or that it’s not the voice of this generation I’m saying a lot of it sound the same. Please don’t tell me about other musical genres I don’t listen to country like I use to listen to rap so I am not going to speak on that.   Snoop Dog and the Dog Pound didn’t sound like Wu Tang and Wu Tang didn’t sound tribe called quest, Common didn’t sound like Tupac and Tupac didn’t sound like Naz the Fugees didn’t sound like Outcast and Kanye didn’t sound like biggie and so on. The difference in sound is partly what sustained my attracted to that genre that unpredictability that today’s sound lacks that unique creativity, I’m not saying that the sound of individuality is totally obsolete and does not exist in rap today I’m saying a lot of it sounds the same in my opinion and familiarity can lead to boredom.

6 –  The videos circulating with people pumping and injecting different types of meats and chicken then packing them in similar yellow foam containers as the ones we see sold all over supermarket in the US, as well as making fake rice from plastic and packing those in similar containers as rice sold in the U.S, yet I never hear of the FDA investigating these situations. How is it possible that they have never seen these videos and then banned these suppliers yet it is known that the police have made arrests because of a video posted on social media?

Some things will never change

7 – The 1 percent or the wealthiest in the world I want to know why why why the disparity.

8 –  Exercise and losing weight is an even exchange to gain those slim bodies we see posted up all over social media well not in my opinion, how is it that I can exercise change my diet to accommodate the exercise and only start to see a slight change in 3 to 4 months, yet I can have a bad week literally five days and back fat ripples on the thighs a stomach pouch all start coming back within that one off week that I had hardly an even or fair exchange.

9 –  The Mayor of New York who appears to be lending his support to more jails being built in New York.

10 – The expression that this country (United States) is still called the land of the free and home of the brave Colin Kaepernick was fired for being brave enough to  exercising his right to freely protest peacefully.