You are what you wear

You are what you wear; at least, that’s what I say. I’m talking about your fashion choices and the way they can reflect your personality. I have found that fashion has enabled me to express who I am and has helped me grow as a person.

I used to wear really dull and dark colours. I mean navy and grey was my motif. I was also obsessed with the classic waterfall cardi. Now, as I grow up, I’m all about bright colours and standing out from the crowd.

If anyone has seen my Instagram page or knows me well, then you will know that I do like a good colourful blazer, and I’m talking about 50 shades of pink. I have a range of pink blazers along with orange, gold and the occasional black one.

Bright colour is a good thing

My love for bright colours started when I found cabaret. I found Frisky and Mannish, a fabulous comedy cabaret duo. I loved how out there their costumes were, and I know they’re just characters, but I liked how bright their personalities were and that they matched their clothes.

So I reckoned I could turn that over-the-top look into an everyday look, and from there I’ve never looked back to my old navy knit.

And it isn’t just clothes. Oh no, I’m also partial to a brightly coloured shoe, which, yes, was also influenced by the colourful duo Frisky and Mannish. I own a pair of glow-in-the-dark luminous high-tops, which I wear when I’m in a good mood, or if I’m going to a press night for a show and fancy wearing some comfy footwear.  

Just adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe can literally brighten up your day. The weather can be rubbish or you can forget to have done your homework. But, it’s okay, because you’re loving life and you’re wearing bright clothes that will not only cheer you up but probably make your friends laugh and smile too.

Wear what feels good to you

I tend to wear bright pinks because that’s my favourite colour and it always catches people’s eye. During a master class at university which was run by Kay Burley, she taught us to wear clothes that would stand out during press events so that you will be noticed. So, whenever I have a press event, you can see me wearing pink.

I definitely think that wearing bright colours has brought out the better side of me. Wearing these colours and outfits that are so out there has given me more confidence and I’m in brighter spirits because of it. I have that ‘wear it with pride’ attitude as I strut into university and people notice the garish colours I’m wearing, but I don’t care. I feel great and I think that I look great – and even if I don’t, I like wearing it and that’s all that counts!

You shouldn’t be fearful of wearing what YOU want to wear. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Wear what you feel represents you and what you know you love to wear. Trust me, you will feel better for it. 

What do you think? Have brighter colours helped your style? Have your say in the comments below!