Why the Benicassim Festival is worth a visit

When I think of my past week at Benicassim Festival in Spain, a smile drifts across my face but not in a cheesy way. No.

When I think of my past week at Benicassim Festival in Spain, a smile drifts across my face but not in a cheesy way. No. In an ‘I had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to be back next year’ way.  

Four words: Sun, sea, music, and alcohol.

This week was possibly one of the greatest of my life and I am already looking forward to heading off to Spain next year for another amazing trip.

I would highly recommend this festival for anyone looking to combine a holiday and a music festival. You don’t even need a big group, there were just 2 of us and we made friends and still had a great time! You have the whole day to do ‘holiday’ things… (I chose to slob on the beach, drinking cocktails at lunchtime and picking up a bottle of 4 euro vodka for that evening) however you could act more cultured and maybe look around the town? Which to be fair, is a lovely town.

Nightlife and glamping

Then when the clock hits around 5, you can bet your bottom dollar (or euro) that everyone begins heading back from the beach to get ready for the events which are to unfold that night.

Arriving at Alicante airport, we had a three hour coach journey (even though the website said two hours) but with bags filled with cans of cider and plastic bottles of ‘Vila Sol’ we managed the journey with anticipation and excitement. Once we arrived it was dark, and as it wasn’t sign posted very well, we began to follow everyone who was walking in one direction and found our home for the next week. The tents are boiling (and we were in glamping so I can only imagine the other tents) but who cares?

You meet friends, you have lots of laugh and you get a tan! The showers are cold and the loo’s smell but honestly, you probably won’t believe me but nobody cares. Get in your bikini, run under the shower and hold your nose whilst you visit the loo. It’s all part of the fun.

Drinks in the arena was very expensive and there wasn’t much choice, so by sticking with Vodka and Red Bull, it meant we were able to use energy drinks to keep us up all night. On the first night I was having too much fun (not drink, mum, I promise) and I fell and cut my arm. The medical tent and doctors were very helpful and I was soon back drinking Malibu and jumping around the crowds with 7 stitches and a bandage. I was even able to use this to my advantage saying ‘Oh sorry, excuse me! Can I get through my arm hurts?’ whilst holding my arm up and making my way closer to the front of the stage. Result. If you do choose to go next year, then hopefully you won’t need this.

Among my favourite bands were Dizzee Rascal, Artic Monkeys, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Rudimental and Skream. Dizzee Rascal was simply amazing and even went over by 20 minutes joking about how much he’d have to pay for it. I was having a great time, minding my own business when I was tapped on my shoulder. Turning around I saw the sweatiest, reddest boy EVER (no exaggeration). Anyway, he was pointing to his shoulders going ‘Get up?’… Er no I’m okay thank you.

Rascal makes the crowd Dizzee

Playing his classics amongst new singles which were never going to be as good as his old songs, Dizzee always manages to get the crowd going and there is even a downer after he leaves the stage, which I have never seen any artist manage before. I would definitely recommend seeing him and I will be on the lookout for his next concerts.

As usual Arctic Monkeys were great too and it was even funnier when I pushed my friend into a mosh pit, allowing her to experience the real festival feeling. I had never heard of Skream, and after getting over the fact that they had spelled it with a K rather than a C (obviously trying to be edgy and cool) I went to see what all the fuss was about. I’m glad I did. This was dance music and people were literally running around and jumping so it isn’t for the faint hearted but all in all, they were a good watch and I’ll be looking out for them at future festivals.

Poor performance

Rizzle Kicks as usual were drunk, funny and a good watch—perfect for dancing around at the bar too. Beady eye were shocking as always. Out of tune, too quiet and quite moody, I won’t be looking out for them in future.

The food in the arena was your usual array of different cuisines and to a very high standard. However don’t try the Indian if you have a sensitive mouth. When my friend asked if there was anything that wasn’t too spicy, the reply was ‘Yoghurt’. Right, thanks. There was also a pool which was obviously full of drunken, boys splashing around and the odd girl who ‘fell’ in whilst wearing white top.

As with the usual festival scene, drugs are there. Honestlythough, if you don’t want to be involved, you won’t be. People find it themselves, and if you aren’t interested in it, then they aren’t interested in you.

My must haves:

Take picnic blankets. The floor is concrete and just imagine pre-drinking for 3 hours before sitting in hot pants, engraving gravel into your cheeks. Ouch.

Take chairs for around your tent.

Buy your own alcohol.

Don’t get sunburnt. It’s not attractive.

Take lots of pictures. I didn’t take enough and I’m now back at home wishing I did. Photos of the summer are the best to tease yourself with in winter.

HAVE FUN. Some people were there just drinking water (which of course I’m not disagreeing with) but come on, you’re at a festival. Hydrate yourself with an extra Malibu.

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