Why Praha, the Golden City, is worth a visit

The Golden City, party central Prague is not just for Stag Dos. Any weekend jaunt will be blessed by the overwhelming beauty of the Czech capital.

The Golden City, party central Prague is not just for Stag Dos. Any weekend jaunt will be blessed by the overwhelming beauty of the Czech capital. Unlike Western Europe, this destination is not only oozing with architectural originality but it is also outrageously cheap.

Having experienced the city in both beaming sunshine and snowfall, Prague definitely has a more romantic appeal in winter. The colder months provide the perfect atmosphere to fall in love with the stunning Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral.

The Old Town Square is one of the most well-known places to enjoy Praha’s sigh-worthy surroundings and is completely catered towards tourists. This area is also home to the well renowned, but somewhat disappointing, Astronomical Clock.

The brilliant nightlife

If you plan to wait around for the on-the-hour ‘surprise’ please take into consideration that you could have spent that time sipping a flagon of the local beer instead. If you do want to enjoy a few around the square be prepared that you could end up paying three times more to drink in there than if you head a few streets further away from all the hustle and bustle.

If you are a brewski patron (or even if you’re not) the Prague Beer Museum is definitely the best way to sample the best Czech beers in the space of an afternoon. With every flavour from blueberry to cherry to strawberry, you can get your liquid ‘five-a-day’ served in a quirky wooden paddle.

However, if it’s nightlife you’re after Prague just happens to boast the largest club in Eastern Europe. Karlovy lázně is home to five flamboyant floors of fluorescent décor combined with disco and club anthems. This discotheque is a maze of amusement, you’ll lose all your mates on your mission through the many lively levels, but you’re certain to make plenty of new ones along the way.

A Word of warning, always try to pay for your beverages in small change as the bar staff generally tend to pocket anything extra as a ‘tip.’ Equally, if you’ve gone a bit heavy on all that cheap beer, expensive bottled water is the price you must pay for sobriety, the tap stuff is strictly off limits to customers.

The perfect place for any budget

For daytime ventures there are a variety of more culturally enticing options. A tour of the Old Jewish Cemetery and the Holocaust Memorial are two truly thought-provoking and enjoyable experiences. The tour may be a little dearer than the average student budget allows, but for 3 hours of information-packed guidance through some of the city’s most historical and aesthetically pleasing areas it is definitely worth paying a little extra for.

When you’re finally overwhelmed from all that emotive intensity and priceless partying, Mosaic House is indisputably one of the best hostels in town. Based in a central location, this eco-friendly award winner is budget friendly and bound to impress. Mosaic’s rooms are no ‘basic but clean’ experience.

Whether you go ‘private’ or ‘dorm,’ all accommodation is minimal, stylish and guarantees luxurious modern en-suite bathrooms. After weeks of bed bugs and ladder-less bunk beds, Mosaic House seems like a spa weekend. Not only does this hostel have amazing accommodation it also provides an awesome atmosphere.

The spacious La Loca bar on the ground floor is the perfect place to pass around the pleasantries before a night on the town.

With so many economically enticing merriments and historical splendour, Praha is definitely the perfect place to relish a weekend of laughs no matter what your budget.

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Image: fklv (Obsolete Hipster) / Flickr