Top Six Sites I Can’t Live Without

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Written by Snezhana

Even if they are not about to admit it, most people begin the day by first checking their social media accounts. Then they visit their favourite sites one by one and read their horoscope (probably). Here’s a list of some of my favourite sites to check in the morning! 


Facebook is one of the largest social media sites in the world. According to the statistics, in the second quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.49 billion monthly active users. A lot of people use Facebook either as a part of their job or to communicate with their friends and family. Individuals who are abroad often upload photos of the city they live in to Facebook in order to inform and keep up-to-date their parents.

Recently, Facebook tested the ‘Reactions’ feature that gives you more options to express yourself. Also, they added ‘view count’ to posts, allowing users to see how many people are reading their updates. By constantly updating its features, Facebook are engaging their users more in the content of the site.


Stumble Upon, Flickr: Bernard Goldbach

Stumbleupon is an amazing site that is used by more than 25 million people. This site is a good way to pass the time and keep your mind going. By clicking on its webpage you can discover a whole bunch of videos, photos, and web pages. What is really cool about Stumbleupon is that you can customize the information that the site provides to you.

At the time of your registration, you have the opportunity to choose your areas of interests, thus the site will show you only the content you like. StumbleUpon is a space where you can spend hours and hours reading different kinds of information across the Web. If you find it useful, you can also download the StumbleUpon app.


Who doesn’t like listening to music in order to relax or to have fun? YouTube is the site that offers you a variety of video clips to fill in your leisure time. Also, you can find different kinds of tutorials that help you to acquire a new skill. For example, if you are trying to edit a video by using Adobe Premier, you can find a tutorial explaining how to use the different features of the software.

What is more, if you want to follow a certain YouTuber, for instance Prince Ea, communitychannel etc., you can subscribe to their channel. Likewise, if you have missed a show that you are interested in watching, you may find it on YouTube. In addition, you can make a playlist including your favourite videos, tunes, tutorials.


Flickr: Jonas Tana, 2011

If you are searching for nice photos or videos this site is a nice place to look. Flickr provides good quality pictures on variety of topics. In addition, the site gives you the opportunity to seek for photos that are creative commons only, commercial use and mods allowed, U.S government works etc. Or, if you want to show your photos to the world, the site gives you the chance to share your content with others, allowing your friends and family to leave comments. What is more, you can give them permission to organise your photos by adding notes and tags.


If you are a fan of the online shopping, Ebay is the right place for you. There you can buy, sell and pay online, often for a much cheaper price than in the shops. Also, you can buy products regardless of your whereabouts thanks to the site’s ability to process international deliveries. Also on Ebay you can find an array of trademarked products or if you are a retailer you can sell your products on the site.

News sites

We are aware when we are connected. Almost everyone is reading the content of a particular news site. People are doing it because of their work or as a hobby or just from curiosity. One of the most read news sites for 2015 are, and The need to know what is happening in the country that the person lives in, as well as around the world, makes individuals eager to check the news.

Also, many people follow the sports updates that the sites are providing, especially when there is a big sporting event such as FIFA World Cup or Olympic Games. Or, if the person works in the sphere of the economics or business the one has probably subscribed for Financial Times online edition or he/she often spends time in Business Insider.

There are more than 968 millions websites in the internet according to the Imagine what a plethora of content you have the opportunity to choose from! The World Wide Web space is offering pages for every taste, all you have to do is find the sites that you can`t live without. 

What are your favourite sites? Leave your comments in the section below!