student life

Time is money: How to save both and start better university-life habits

Written by Nigel Simpkins

While university students face an endless list of challenges throughout their time in higher learning, perhaps the biggest obstacle of all is managing both time and money. Between paying for expensive dining hall “cuisine,” keeping up to date with the newest games during your off time, and the ever-present need to stay active between all the late nights and early mornings, it’s not exactly easy to live cheaply and time-efficiently. However, we’ve got a couple of tricks that can set you up for success while you’re prepping for tests throughout the year.

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First and foremost, the best way to keep your mind sharp is to also look after your body. It’s easier said than done considering the time one has to put aside to hit the gym. But who’s to say you can’t do both? We’ve found that while it’s not the best look to bring a set of dumbbells to the library, you might want to consider bringing study material to the gym. If you are a weight lifter, you can always bring a book to read between reps.

If not, most gyms have equipment with built-in bookshelves that make it easy to prop up your materials during a cycling or elliptical session.  This helps create a routine that meets both your physical and academic needs, and if you can do that without breaking the bank, why not? If you don’t already have a reasonable option provided by the university, there are plenty of cheap gym options to take advantage of. And don’t forget to get a full eight hours of sleep, which helps support physical fitness, can help you lose weight, and affects your life in more ways than you might think!

Keeping health-oriented goals in mind, meal-prepping on Sunday may seem like a no-brainer; it saves you the cost of fast food and dining hall meals, which adds up faster than you might think. It also saves you travel time, and while it might seem like a boring option, there are plenty of cheap but varied food options that should keep you satisfied throughout each semester. Just to get you started, here are some cheap recipes that are quick and healthy.

It’s important to build strong habits that help you save both time and money, especially for incoming freshmen. The earlier you master time and money management, the better you will be able to tend to your physical and mental health throughout your adult life. Use these tips as the foundation for your college experience and come up with some solutions of your own to guarantee improved grades and health in no time.