The Maccabees at The Ritz, Manchester

Before festival season kicks into full swing, The Maccabees played four intimate shows during May for their fans in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

On Wednesday night, May 13th, The Ritz in Manchester welcomed the highly acclaimed indie quintet from London back to its stage. The sold out venue erupted with delight as The Maccabees burst onto the stage and begun their set with an old favourite and the title track to their second album, Wall of Arms.

The band brought the tempo down with the chilled out vibes of the next two tracks, ‘Feel To Follow’ and ‘Young Lions,’ but they definitely didn’t lose the energy that engulfed the room. Front row fans gave their all, dancing and singing along to every track the band played, following the example set by lead singer Orlando Weeks.

The upbeat feel of ‘Love You Better’ that proceeded the slower tunes travelled around the whole venue. It caused even the stillest of spectators at the back of the room to forget where they were and join in with the frivolous fans at the heart of the atmosphere.

The band had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand, and decided that this was the perfect time to introduce the fans to some new material. This was greeted with open arms and as much enthusiasm as the older classics.

The band’s Mercury nominated album Given to the Wild was released three years ago and was the last piece of work produced by the Londoners. However, 2015 has seen the return of the indie icons with their newly released single ‘Marks To Prove It,’ which will be the first track lifted from their awaited album.

Drummer Sam Doyle spoke to NME earlier this year about the unnamed album, saying, “it’s recorded, we’re about to finish mixing… and it’ll be out in a few months.”

The band’s newer songs have stayed true to the distinctive and recognisable sound that The Maccabees used to win their fan’s hearts all the way back in 2007, with their debut album Colour It In.

It was classics from Colour It In such as ‘Latchmere’ and ‘Precious Time’ that really got the crowd moving. Die-hard fans screamed every word back at the band and really seemed to lose themselves in the vintage track choices.

By this point the show was heading towards its close as the band threw out anthem after anthem, closing on a high with the melodic and well-received ‘Grew Up At Midnight.’ But this wasn’t good enough for a northern music-loving crowd who were chanting for more and demanding the return of their entertainers as they left the stage.

On their return, the crowd screamed the house down as the band energetically and charismatically performed their encore tracks.

The bands show culminated with ‘Pelican,’ the lead track from their 2012 album Given To The Wild. In true northern fashion, the crowd went wild, adoring the five men before them who had put on a great show.