Review: Doctor Who, Under The Lake.

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Written by Emily Davis

First of all, apologies for the late review, I’ve been moving into halls and university has hit me with full force! I didn’t even get to watch the latest instalment until Monday morning.

But it was worth the wait. I LOVED that episode.

It genuinely was the best of Capaldi’s era thus far.

Set on an underwater military base, the whole thing had a very Impossible Planet/Waters of Mars feel to it, and more than matched up to some of the strongest episodes of Tennant’s era. We even had the untranslatable symbols on the wall.

I was thrilled to see Being Human’s Steven Robertson set up as the corporate bad guy, and of course he got his just desserts. However, him turning into an ethereal, homicidal entity which could walk through walls and wield metal objects was pretty darn scary.

And then the Doctor drops a bombshell. Ghosts are real? Why not? Doctor Who is all about new horizons, new possibilities, the most absurd things coming to life on screen. Even though we’ve seen things that look like ghosts before on the show, I was genuinely convinced for a moment.

Of course they weren’t ghosts, but radio signals taking the form of dead crew members and broadcasting coordinates to an unknown enemy. Which means that they were purposely designed and part of a much bigger plan. One point on this part- I feel like the science should have been laid out better. Who works so much better when there’s an underlying logic to a phenomenon.

Dangerously hilarious

Peter Capaldi is a wonderful Doctor, and his scripts really don’t do him justice a lot of the time. However, this was great.

We even had some light heartedness amongst all the danger and suspense. Clara’s line about the clockwork squirrel made me laugh out loud, and the prompt cards the doctor now uses in awkward social situations were hilarious and adorable

And as for that ending: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Bring. On. Next. Week.

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