New Music Monday Issue #23

New week, new questions:

Has Kanye stopped tweeting?
Did Mark Zuckerburg ever phone him back?
Will Kim ever turn off the wifi?

Whilst we ponder deeply, here are three lovely new pop songs to keep you going.

The 1975 – Somebody Else

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I’ve previously been a bit nervous about The 1975’s forthcoming album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It; An album that’s title seems to get even longer when you actually come to type it out.

My concern probably stemmed solely from the lead single, ‘Love Me’, and how, despite it still holding up as a reasonably fun song, it’s got the emotional depth of a paddling pool – not what you want as the first preview to your favourite band’s sophomore album.

With ‘Somebody Else’ however, those nerves have been put to rest.

Full of subtle synth layers, this is a properly sophisticated pop song that tackles the difficult feeling of ending a relationship but not wanting to let go of the person. As you can imagine, the lyrics are hugely introspective; despite the mass of layers and a bassline that wouldn’t be out of place on a dancefloor, this is still an incredibly intimate listen that should fill everyone with hope for the release of I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.


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Remember Wu Lyf, the band that yelled a lot and had an incredibly awkward appearance on the David Letterman show? Well, from nowhere, their singer has popped up in a new band with a new album out later in the year.

‘I&I’ is massive. Beginning with a simple piano riff, the song just builds and builds and builds until the band physically can’t fit in any more synths and the singer’s voice, seemingly, can’t take any more.

Despite the lyrics only consisting of about four lines, each repetition just seems to garner more force and meaning – as if the vocal line is driving the whole song along through sheer determination.

Seriously, just listen to how big it is.

Tokyo Police Club – Not My Girl

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It’s with great pleasure that I’d like to reintroduce my favourite band, Tokyo Police Club.

Despite now being virtual veterans of three albums, the Canadian quartet hasn’t had much attention in the UK since they first emerged with a string of festival dates in 2007. I like to think it’s just because Canada’s really far away and not because Huw Stephens doesn’t rate them. Regardless of media popularity, I still maintain they’ve never made a bad song, ever, and will be elaborating on that much further when I do My Life In Music next week. *wild anticipation*

‘Not My Girl’ marks a solid return from the band – a short, sharp, punchy pop song filled, as ever, with singer Dave Monks slightly romantic, quirky charm.

It’s delightful.

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