Mid-Life skin crisis: adult onset acne 

Laser acne treatment at Nuriss Skincare and Wellness Centre
Written by Nigel Simpkins

Many women sail through life with relatively clear skin and are caught by surprise when they start developing painful cysts in, say, their forties. Some of us, in a panic worthy of a 14-year-old, make the mistake of heading straight for the drugstore and loading up on oil-reducing cleansers, benzoyl peroxide ointments, astringent toners, and retinol moisturisers, only to find that they don’t work to either cure the uncomfortable blemishes or keep them from occurring. The first place we should go is a skin expert’s office for an acne-treatment consultation. 


The acne that strikes later in life has different causes and behaviours than the breakouts that start in adolescence, and it cannot be treated the same way. Hormonal fluctuations related to the menopause and stress can really start to affect us later in life. The overproduction of oil results in the hair follicles becoming inflamed. Add in a reduction in the rate of cell turnover in our skin and, well, high road solutions just won’t cut it anymore.

The common cystic blemishes that form around the chin and jawline, in addition to being painful, can cause hyperpigmentation and even scarring, so you’ll want to take steps as soon as you start experiencing them. With the right treatments – in the doctor’s office and at home – you can solve the problem. But be aware that you shouldn’t use products intended for adolescent skin, as mature skin may not react to, or recover from, the same ingredients as it used to.  

Laser Therapy

Our laser therapy for acne has proved far more effective than the commonly prescribed combination of Retin-A and a topical antibiotic. That combination does work to mitigate symptoms, but it does not solve the underlying problem that causes recurring infections. Pulsed blue light, on the other hand, kills the bacteria that causes the cysts at the source, so the treatment is fast, successful and long-lasting. Clients receiving our acne laser treatment also receive a recommended skincare regimen to follow at home, built around our specially formulated products. 

Your stress level, age and stage of life, diet, exercise, and skincare habits reveal themselves in your skin. The Nuriss way takes lifestyle into account, approaching each person holistically to create a treatment that works from the inside out. Get in touch to schedule a consultation today.