Kasabian entertain thousands at King Power Stadium

After surprising Leicester City fans with a surprise appearance at the club’s victory parade, Kasabian held their first of two celebratory gigs at the King Power Stadium in Leicester on May 28th in front of a sold out crowd.

The Leicester based band gave everyone a night to remember, with the gig opening with a recording of Andrea Bocelli singing his version of ‘Nessun Dorma’, which was performed at Leicester’s last home game of the season. The intro to Kasabian’s hit song ‘Underdog’ could then be heard over a sea of screams and cheers, as frontmen Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno made their way to the stage. 

The two hour set consisted of a mix of their older hits, including ‘Club Foot’ and ‘Switchblade Smiles’, as well as their newer songs, such as ‘Eez-Eh’ from their most recent album, 48:13.

Football anthem

The crowd of 27,000 fans were more than happy to join in singing ‘L.S.F.’, making the song sound more and more like a football anthem.

Their encore saw Noel Fielding join them on stage during their song ‘Vlad the Impaler’, dressed in a vintage Leicester kit, which made him fit in perfectly. 

Perfect end to a perfect season

After closing the show with an energetic performance of ‘Fire’, Meighan screamed “We’re Leicester City, we won the f*****g league“, before dropping the microphone and applauding the fans. 

After celebrating Leicester’s victory for a month, this seemed like the perfect way to round off the perfect season.

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