I never knew that! With Kettle Science Editor Lindsay Dodgson

At Kettle Mag the editors remain hidden away in Kettle Towers occupying themselves with ideas, proofing, tweeting, and keeping their ears tuned to the latest news. But what do we know about these busy creatures? Here at frivolity over the coming weeks we intend to find out…and this week under the microscope is Science Editor Lindsay Dodgson.

My parents don’t know this about me but…

I once flashed a bouncer and handed over £20 to a homeless person in one evening.

When you hear the word ‘kettle’ what do you immediately think of?

TEA! It is my life source.

Lindsay Dodgson tea views


How long after you wake up do you check your phone?

Almost immediately, mainly just to look at the time and die a little inside.

Stranded on a desert island you wouldn’t be without…

Chocolate oranges. Actually no that’s ridiculous, there would be ample mangoes available on a desert island. Netflix, in that case. I get a bit obsessive over the shows I’m currently binging. (Pretty Little Liars RN)


Lindsay Dodgson prepping mangoes

(I love mangoes)

What is the most revolting food you’ve ever eaten?

Tinned mac&cheese. It tasted like sick. Old sick.

Which area of science interests you the most?

Broadly I would say health, particularly with things like 3D printing stem cells and drugs, but I also have a penchant for parasites.

If you couldn’t edit the Science section for Kettle, which section would you choose?

I think it would have to be the Women section. I’m pretty liberal, and I’m vocal about it on social media.

Which friend that you met at uni is likely to be at your 60th birthday party?

Caitlin. She’s the Monica to my Rachael. She’s an obsessive organiser while I’m a hap hazard mess. Love her!

Lindsay with Caitlin, Lindsay Dodgson

Wine or beer?

Wine wine wine. Always wine. My Dad’s girlfriend has her own wine biz, so I get access to some pretty nice stuff.

Lindsay with wine, Lindsay Dodgson

Cat or dog?

Dog. I have three so I’d have a lot of guilt-tripping to deal with if I said cats wouldn’t I! Skye is my pup and she’s my baby.


Football or rugby?

I hate sport.

Android or iphone?

Android up until literally a few hours ago where I caved and upgraded to an iPhone. It hasn’t arrived yet so there is still time!

Apart from writing, what other creative talents do you have?

Not sure if it counts as a talent, but I’m pretty good at origami.

If you were a punctuation mark, what would you be?

> because I’m greater than U. Ha ha.

What is your most unappealing habit?

I don’t mean to do it, but I leave tissues everywhere I go. Boys have complained in the past because they discover used ones under their pillows. And friends find them in pockets if I’ve borrowed their clothes. Thus I’ve earned the nickname Snotty Lin.

What would you like to be remembered for?

Quite simply, just for being a fair, friendly human being. Also, for my epic jelly baby and smartie joke.

Have you ever volunteered for anything?

I haven’t, but I’m seeing Derren Brown in a few weeks’ time so I’ll keep you posted.

Who so far, family or otherwise has influenced you in your life?

Oh, everyone. I’m a social sponge. I don’t always speak an awful lot when in company, but I listen to everything. Everyone I’ve ever met has had an impact somehow.

What has been the biggest scientific breakthrough in recent years?

The womb transplant! I think that’s just incredible. The joy that operation must have brought is second to none.

Which emoji do you use most frequently?

Sassy girl with her hand up/ peace sign/ cheeky moon

What was the last song you listened to on your ipod/phone?

I think it was something by Selina Gomez. I regret nothing!

What was the last thing you googled?

‘is 16gb iphone enough’

What is your most over used word or expression?

Probably ‘all talk and no trousers’. It’s oddly relevant to many a situation.

What keeps you awake at night?

Often my dog, sleep-barking.

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